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After spending the last few days not only much of the Supreme Courts opinions , both majority and minority as well as many of the reactions to it not only from news outlets and pundits but Politicians and DC authorities I have come to the conclusion it was indeed the best first case for our side to win .

First is the fact that DC has some of the most insane gun laws in the nation .

Did you know they define a simple semiautomatic handgun like a 1911 a machine gun ?

The reason being is that there exist for that weapon magazines that will hold more than 12 rounds .

DC has defined any weapon in this class as a machine gun , which we all know is insane and ridiculous .

Insisting that a person must get a license for each and every gun can easily be considered an "Infringement" of our "Rights" , especially with the outrageous financial burden of over $40 per gun .

Now that the 2A was confirmed as an individual right the next step is to prove the ruling applies to the states .

If the arrogance of the Mayor and police chief is seen by the sitting members of the court and they're still there when more challenges come before them it may indeed influence them to continue to find in our favor .

The chief had to all but be dragged kicking and screaming into admitting the ruling applied to DC .

Despite the court striking down the trigger lock and disassemble laws she had the nerve to suggest that the public continue to follow them .

Further more she emphasized over and over how the ruling ONLY allows a person to have the gun in their home , implying that if one were to buy a gun and try to take it out to practice with or even in transporting it to their home they would be subject to arrest .

She flatly stated that semiautomatic Handguns were still illegal "Due their insane definition of a machine gun only obviously"

Yes once that DC rulings are upheld to effect individual states DC has plenty of asinine other gun laws that can then be challenged .

One would assume that after being dragged in front of the Supremes for another spanking or two or three that either they will get the message and repeal these laws or the Supremes will become so annoyed that they will perhaps preempt any more cases by issuing a very broad ruling that will put and end to much of this nonsense .

One thing those who have not read any of the opinion do not know is that Scalia noted that Ginsberg on some points agreed with the majority opinion .

Depending on how future cases are worded and challenges made we could perhaps wind up with a decision that is 7-3 in our favor which would more strongly solidify our position .

Hang in there folks the best is yet to come !!
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