Why does the government want your guns?

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    Why does the government want your guns? Have you ever thought about that?

    Here's another question:

    What keeps the government in power? I'll tell you, it's quite simple really:

    1. The control over the belief system
    2. The control over the financial system
    3. The control over violence

    The control over the belief system

    Why do you pay your taxes? Because you believe that if you don't, you'll be put in jail.

    Why do you pull over to the side of the road when the policeman turns on his flashing red lights? Because you believe he has the authority to do so.

    Why do you go to work to earn wages? Because you believe that with those dollars earned, you'll be able to purchase goods and services.

    The control over the financial system

    As long as the government assures its citizens that the dollar has value, the government maintains control over the financial system. The government maintains the dollar's value by making sure it remains the world's reserve currency by making sure that only dollars are used to buy oil. As long as the world needs dollars to buy oil, and as long as oil is the predominant source of energy, the dollar will always have value.

    The control over violence

    What keeps control over violence and makes sure violence is kept to a minimum? Our law enforcement officers; and just incase that line of defense fails, we have our military.

    What if ... what if the belief system failed because the citizens no longer felt the government had any legitimate authority?

    What if ... what if the financial system failed because the dollar no longer had value?

    So now the citizens no longer believe that the government is legitimate; the dollar has no value; and the citizens are angry. So what does the government have left to fall back on? They still have the control over violence don't they? Of course they do, by utilizing their law enforcement officers and their military. But there's one small problem: THE SECOND AMENDMENT. The people are still armed. "Oh gosh darn," the government says; "we should have taken their guns away earlier."

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    I dont know, seems to me, If I were in power I would try to keep people fat and happy.. They already "control" people, working a job they dont like to buy crap they dont need.. Its when those people dont have jobs, are hungry, and cant afford all that useless stuff, when they start getting restless... (At least thats what I gather from history)

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    The government can fix the system very easily. But that means that politicians would lose power. They would rather the current gridlock than getting their act together. They have realized they can manipulate the people by keeping us polarized as a society.
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    So you mean to tell me when you see those flashing red lights yiu dont have to pull over