Why does the firearms industry hate beauty

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    MY Mauser, made by Mauser when they were a couple of brothers making a living on the banks of the Neckar River in Oberndorf, cost me just £120 back in 1990. It belonged to a family who had bought it in 1913 and gone to Rhodesia to grow tobacco. After the late and much unmissed Mr Mugabe took power, he made life unbearable for white people there, and the family split up - half went to Tanzania and the others came back to yUK. They brought their guns with them, and I bought this at the auction in Liverpool. About six years ago, one of my shooting pals here, who came from Tanzania got me talking about this rifle and after finding out the name of the family, did some digging. turns out he went to boarding school in Harare with the grandson of the original owner, and had learn to shoot with it. How cool is that? Here's a little video of this shooting it -
    And some more pics of the rifle itself -

    and some original 1950's era Kynoch ammunition.....
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  2. tac foley

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    This here is another one of my older Mausers - a 1937-made ES350B with a slightly newer Ajack x2.5 scope fitted in high see-through mounts. This has a story, too, and lots more pics, if anybody is interested in hearing it, but anyhow, here's the rifle -

    ...and here is a little video....fellow club member shooting it.
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    Yeah for 20 grand I can buy real rare woods and engraving and gold inlays. However some of my older guns including Brownings sans the engraving etc did not cost very much and have nice but not AAA Fancy wood and exceptional bluing fit and finish hand were dead on center of the target when bought and still are. My favorite is perhaps the little .22 lever action Browning, that has harvested many many squirrels and is still pristine and dead accurate with CB Caps or any .22 round put through it. never considered a scope for it. it carries like a dream for the 10 and 20 mile walks and further on Little Mountain, and then up what was the Cumberland Woodland
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    I was at My View Sports a while ago, wasting a little ti.e between calls. Salesman said,Want to look at a Rigby?I
    Ugh heck yeah!
    Thing of beauty. .275 Rigby, the fit, finish, and balance were the stuff of dreams
    Great sheep,caribou gun.
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    I see it as comparing a Bic lighter to a Zippo. And both have their place. The Bic is cheap, reliable, lightweight, dosnt leak fluid in your purse, and if it gets lost or stolen, no biggie. The Zippo may have been a gift to you with something meaningful engraved on it, it smells good..the sound it makes when you flick the lid back and spin the striker is almost sexy..lol My Bic (VP40).. in my drop leg holster at work, or my purse other times, makes sense. But my true love are the wild west guns.. SA revolvers, lever guns. coach guns.. They are functional works of art.. I dont have any high dollar stuff like a Wells Fargo Winchester (if i hit the lotto..lol)..but what i have..mostly Rugers and Marlins are beautiful to me, and a real pleasure to shoot, and look at. And..i have recently re-dicovered 1911s. The Kimber Raptor i bought a few yrs ago was..and still is a turd. After 2 trips back to Kimber it still FTF, or stovepiped the last round every time (yes..i tried Wilson mags).. so i gave up and tossed it in the back of the safe. About a month ago..one of our regular customers traded in a SR1911. and it was so pretty.. i just had to shoot it.. It ran flawlessly, soaks up recoil from the 45s like butter..the clkshink...sound it makes when the slide closes on the first round..and i had forgot how nice the trigger breaks on those. So...it went home with me and i owed the shop a couple of paychecks...lol 1911s...the Zippo in a world of Bics..
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    You don't realize how good of a gun you own ........ until you own a bad one ! :p
    I just look at them as a problem child . :)
    My problem is they never leave home . Most get out to play but some not as often as others .
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    Seems like every time I start downsizing the herd to replace three peasants with one princess the peasants' memories outweigh the supermodel's big brown eyes. Plastic has no place in my heart. Better to send the peasants off for a quality restoration than replace them with the latest injection molded, robot machined pole dancer.

    Hand-rubbed oil stocks, case hardening, hand-tuned actions, and metal work are the work of artists, not computers.
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  8. Missouribound

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    But they do malfunction.
    Many years ago, when smoking was common place in a business, an associate of mine pulled out one of his daily 2 dozen cigarettes, flicked his Bic and shoved it back in his shirt pocket. His first puff was duplicated by the puff, and flames coming out of his pocket.
    He didn't notice but I was there and I did. As his pocket started burning he frantically started beating his chest to put it out. After a flare up...which admittedly scared both of us it went out. And the lesson is.......cheap lighters fail and flannel burns.
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    ^^^^ He would have been mad at me for laughing so hard...
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  10. JimRau

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    Roger that. To me function is beauty, thus a SS syn stock is 'eye candy' to me!!!;)
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  11. OLD Ron

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    It is hard to resist a gun that looks good & shoots very well !
  12. microadventure

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    some of us think it's stupid to carry wood into a forest

    some of us are inflicted with relatives who would vandalize anything pretty we have because we won't give it to them.

    did you ever notice, every Zippo has a story? but no Bic. Eyeball a Zippo, hear the story.
  13. Missouribound

    Missouribound Well-Known Member

    I do not have a fancy story.....nonetheless it's etched in my mind.
    My father had a Zippo lighter. He was a cigarette smoker....not a chain smoker but anyway he smoked. I remember the sound the Zippo made when he opened it and closed it. It was the simple polished steel model. It was smokers jewelry. When he sat down it would come out of his pocket and be set on the table...usually standing up. I was fascinated with it as a young boy. As I got older I took up pipe smoking. My torch was just a Bic...seemed to work better as it was a mini-flame thrower.
    My dad has long gone....in the late 70's he passed on a cold winters day. Just went outside to brush the snow off of the car and never made it back into the house.
    Today I have his gold railroad pocket watch in a little glass dome.
    Next to it is the Zippo he carried.
    Ahhhh....the things that trigger memories.
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    I have a bic lighter with a funny story, more stupid than funny I guess

    I've quit carrying a zippo, too much evaporating fluid and it was always dry when I needed it. I still like them a lot though
  15. Trez

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    Id be more interested in some of those cheap plastic guns... But I only like collecting military guns so Im pretty much stuck in the wood and machined steel era... All that new stuff is verboten.... :( :p
  16. Oldoutlaw

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    You gun abuser you! :p
  17. OldManMontgomery

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    I like to see fancy walnut with 'figure' and hand done checkering and scroll engraving. However, I appreciate real steel and a smooth action with real wood stocks in simple but elegant lines. Probably costs more than a rather cold stamping with a plastic (or whatever compound it is now-days) stock. But less than a bespoke rifle from a London gunmaker. Ruger No 1 is a good looking and shooting rifle. CZ does quality work in steel and wood. Save up and decide on what one needs (and wants). Look for it. One appreciates such things.
  18. W.T. Sherman

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    "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". plastic and steel can be just as beautiful as fancy wood and steel.

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  19. Chainfire

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    The problem with really nice, pretty guns, is that you just don't want to throw them in the range bag or let your fumble fingered friend play handle them. My former business partner had a gorgeous Python, NIB. It stayed wrapped in a flannel cloth in the safe because it was far to valuable to shoot. He took it out of the safe to show me and I thought it must have been the Hope Diamond the way he pampered the thing.

    I have some nice firearms, but I don't have any that I won't play with. I also have one the the ugliest firearms that has ever been made, the Dryse 1907. The way it is built, it gives the illusion of being bent like a banana when looking at it from the side.

    I like the looks of a 1911, it looks like a hero's gun! I also like the looks of a P-38, but I don't like the way it shoots. The CZ-75 is a looker as is the Hi-Power, as mentioned above. I don't own a Luger, but they look good to me too...maybe one day. Some of the Old Smith and Colt Revolvers, from around the turn of the last century a good looking too.

    I know a Glock is a good weapon, but they are too ugly and too much plastic to appeal to me. I remember an old Gallagher routine about "Style." Glocks don't have no style.
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  20. Mercator

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    There are “beauty first” gunmakers like Pedersoli, it’s all they do. Most gun owners see beauty in perfect function.
    “You can’t complain”— Billy Crystal as a Florida weatherman :)
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