Why does a short barreled 686 cost more than a longer barrel ?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by Woodsman, Feb 14, 2009.

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    I went into a gun shop last week they had 3 686s, a 6 inch, 4 inch and a 2 1/2 inch. The 6 and 4 inch barrels were 699, the 2 1/2 was 750. I knew this was just a pricing mistake so i asked the clerk, why more for the shorter barrel than the longer ones. His reply was i thought stupid. 6 and 4 inch barrels are aboundant, but 2 1/2 inchers are not that common. My question is, is this guy full of it or what ? surley it cost more to make a longer barrel ? am i wrong ? your thoughts.
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    It probably does cost more to make a long but it probably takes three times as long to sell a short one.

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    Probably correct on the availability of the 2 1/2" version. FWIW, the 4" is hard to beat

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    Short barrels wanted

    You are correct the longer the barrel, the more the material cost to make it. With that said, the reason for the higher price on the short barrel is the Novice on conceled carry will pay more. Notice I say "Novice". A beginner will think that the short barrel will be; lighter, smaller-easier to carry, harder to be seen by others, easier to shoot, and the list goes on. Facts are the 4" 686 is the most ideal overall carry, home defense, sport target shoot gun listed. I believe the 2 1/2" model you saw will bring it's price by "It's the First Gun I've ever owned" type person:p Most people on this board will steer you toward the 4" Model S&W 686. It is a FINE weapon. IMO buy the 6 shot model-just more proven to me.:D
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    Could be a simple matter of supply and demand. I buy light bulbs for where I work. A four foot flouresent tube costs about $1.87, A three foot tube costs $2.41. There are a lot of companies making a lot of four foot tubes so the cost comes down. Hell I just payed $175.00 for an off brand lower receiver. I'm sure that same thing cost under a hundred before Obama. But right now there is very low supply and very high demand, and I was willing to pay the price. AND I MAY GET ANOTHER.
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