Why do I prep?

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    To me theirs different types of preppers, those who think the world is coming to a end, those who think ammo is the new currency, and so on and so forth etc.

    First off let me send out my deepest sympathies to those affected by the recent tornado that destroyed Moore OK, I work for a cell phone company that services that area and know people in that area that have been affected by this tragedy, SO TAKE THIS OUT OF CONTEXT! Here is my point everyone who is not a "prepper" thinks were are crazy, and to some extent, maybe they have a point. I do not have a "bomb" shelter buried 20 feet underground, but I do prep for things such as natural disasters. I do have a BOB,WROL, whatever you want to call it. I do have a plan of action and have spent thousands making sure if my house were wiped out and everything is gone, I can protect my family and provide food and shelter.

    I hope that people who have prepped and are in a position to help, do so. Maybe then people will understand why we do prep, and the importance of doing so.