Why can't you reload steel cased shells but you can brass?????

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    I have been observing my friend reload ammo but i have heard you cannot reload steel cased shells????? You can reload Brass but steel is stronger than brass.

    I would like to get into reloading after i learn the basics and read some books on it.

    Do you guys really save a lot more reloading than buying ammo at a store or online? details
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    Most steel cases are Berdan primed and its not easy to replace them. Steel isnt "soft" like brass and doesnt take resizing very well...

    Is reloading cheaper? As most will say, not really.... You tend to shoot more and you always need "something".... ;)

  3. fmj

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    I wouldnt say its cheaper...i would say its more affordable.

    After your start up costs (press, dies, powder measure, powder scale, tumbler, media etc etc etc) then you have componet costs i.e it seems every caliber and every weight of bullet requires a different powder.

    All that being typed, once you dial in what your particular gun likes to eat/you shoot best. Its then MUCH less expensive per unit cost. Also, when you decide you want to go shooting, just go to the reloading room, throw out a couple 100 rds and not worry about stopping at wally world and worrying if they are gonna have your particular round in stock.
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    There are several reasons steel cases are not commonly reloaded. Berdan primers are a PITA to remove. Replacement Berdan primers are scarce. Most steel cases have a coating like polymer or laquer to prevent rust. THis coating is parttially/mostly used up on firing so any reloaded case would need some sort of protection. The zinc plated cases are better but not great. I have seen some zinc plated, Boxer primed .223, but with the availability of brass cases, why bother?

    On the other hand, I have some WWII era .45 ACP steel cases (Zinc plated I believe) that have been reloaded several times with no problems. The pressures of the .45 are significantly less than amy bottleneck rifle cases so there is much less stress on the material.