Why Aren't We Interdicting Drug Money ?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Millwright, Aug 3, 2011.

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    We've been brought to the brink of war with Mexico and civil unrest over abusive government tactics against its own people threatens to boil over into outright rebellion inside our own borders. All of this leads me to ask, "Why aren't we "following the money" ? Rather than all the monkey shines over "interdicting guns" why aren't we "interdicting" drug money" ?

    Yes, there's a lot of drugs being smuggled into the U.S. by a variety of methods. But drugs are low-volume products. Money/cash/lucre OTOH is "high volume". IOW, if a pickup tire stuffed with cocaine makes it in there has to be several much larger truck tires' full of cash going out, or the cartels are out of business. So how are the cartels getting their profits out of the country ?

    Are we willing to accept our government, (which has found and prosecuted cases involving the hiding of a few tens of thousands of dollars ) can't track millions of dollars being shipped south ? Why can't we starve the cartels ? I can't believe its because we lack the technology. And I can't believe its because we lack the LE "tools". We've "given" (willing or no), our government access to every aspect of our lives from medical records to financial transactions to our most private thoughts/amusements. So why can't we track drug money going to the cartels ?

    Yeah, I can name a dozen reasons "why not" offhand. But perhaps its past time Americans - and gun owners in particular - demanded a "quid pro quo" from our government. I.e. that every new gun restriction be counterbalanced with an equal restriction on the "money" river. That every gun prosecution be counterbalanced with a prosecution for "drug money trafficking".

    What say y'all ? >MW
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    Do you really want the federal government going into more of your financial transactions? The cartels are getting their money by laundering it, as well as physically transporting it. But what your suggesting would give the feds a reason to monitor more and more private transactions, electronically and cash.

  3. Thadeuce

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    They won't follow the money cause it leads back here...
  4. freefall

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    They already follow our financial transactions. I've known a couple guys, they get more than $400 in an account it gets seized for back child support. Deposit 10 grand in cash, see what happens.
  5. hiwall

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    maybe they are catching some of the money. Maybe its finders-keepers. maybe they need money sniffing dogs?
  6. orangello

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    I have no doubt that some of the cartel money is going south electronically, but i seriously doubt it is the majority of the cash flow.

    Perrsonally, i wouldn't have a huge problem with the federalis monitoring every transaction that takes cash out of this country, especially those headed to the Caribbean or mexico. There are probably billions of ILLEGALLY aquired dollars being sent south by the millions of illegal aliens from their stolen jobs to their semi-abandoned families; each and every dollar they send home should be confiscated, whether it be by western union or postal money order (a bit harder to get).
  7. robocop10mm

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    The simple answer is ...We already are. Interdiction officers stop both north an d south bound traffic. Millions are siezed each year. That is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of cash that gets across the border, just like the amount of drugs we catch is a fraction of what comes in.

    FBI, DEA, Secret Service and ATF investigate all kiinds of financial transactions. The question is, what happens to the money. They could balance the budget with all that south bound cash.
  8. Millwright

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    It would be nice if the feds could do at least as good a job on the Cartels as they seem to do on private citizens. I know when you have mail sacks of cash you have lots to friends where it counts. >MW
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    How astute! I couldn't have said it any better. ;)
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    absolutely right

    you're right!
  11. alsaqr

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    The Mexicans found found two million dollars in US money at a raid in Mexicali. See page 17.


    The denizens of the so called Homeland Security Dep't are really good at confiscating large amounts of money from law abiding US citizens who cross the border. Kinda strange they are less successful at finding car loads of the stuff.

    BTW: Do not let an airline employee see you with a large amount of cash at a US airport. They will report you, the feds will call you a dope dealer and confiscate your money. The puke who informed on you will get a cut.

    BTW: Check out the link well. This is the final congressional staff report on Fast and Furious. It seems to be 9 pages longer than the original report.
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