Why are the M1's so expensive, Hilliary??

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    Page Nine No. 85 - State Dept. Infringement
    by Alan Korwin, Author
    Gun Laws of America

    State Department Infringement

    The lamestream media told you:


    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

    I've just learned from a highly placed and reliable personal source that, in a quiet move to restrict gun ownership, the Obama White House has directly instructed the State Department to do what's necessary to prevent predominantly WWII American firearms from being imported back into the United States.

    Most imports are not under the jurisdiction of the State Dept., and are controlled by statute and regulations that require very public actions to change. This is another clandestine anti-gun-rights move being taken by the Obama administration, along with a series of treaties and U.N. plans to severely limit or ban American gun ownership.

    The main effect of this move is, without fanfare or public attention, to stop the flow of fine M1 Garand and M1 carbine rifles into the hands of American citizens. The M1 is an affordable, accurate, dependable, and exceptionally well-made general-purpose American rifle. Made in .30 caliber, it was the first auto-loading rifle generally issued to the infantry of any nation.

    I have not been able to determine the exact quantity of such rifles being held overseas, but the number is believed to be in the millions.

    The Obama team in the White House has stunned observers with its eerie silence on so-called "gun control," or efforts to disarm the public. On taking office there was wide anticipation of major action is this area, to reflect the unmitigated anti-gun-rights records of Obama and his coterie. The gun-rights lobby has been hard pressed to explain the lull, pointing to a mere few slips of the tongue by the president, his attorney general or a few other top-level staffers. The Brady Campaign for the Promotion of Gun Violence has given the administration a rating of "F" on gun control, reflecting a virtually complete lack of publicly visible activity.

    The most likely explanation probably includes the uproar over the federal health-care takeover, where no army of protesters had even existed or were poised for action, yet rose with tremendous fury in astonishing numbers. This group coalesced into the core of the now ubiquitous Tea Party.

    Administration officials and Obama himself likely recognize that the backlash they would face if they publicly came after Americans' guns would make the health-care hurricane look like a mild summer breeze.

    Obama though has announced plans to go after "criminal gun smuggling" with two international treaties that would bypass the U.S. Congress. Both treaties would introduce draconian levels of gun control and confiscation on Americans, despite administration promises otherwise. The CIFTA treaty terms are known and already analyzed. Under CIFTA, changing any feature on a firearm, like adding a sling or changing a sight without an undefined government "manufacturing" license, would subject a person to arrest. Reloading ammo would be similarly banned.

    The U.N. treaty, being drafted in secret with cooperation from Hillary Clinton, can only be guessed at based on previous U.N. public-disarmament attempts. An international group, IAPCAR, has been formed under the leadership of Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation, to monitor and resist planned rights denials. The Uninvited Ombudsman report will feature those activities in the near future.


    U.N. Firearms Trace

    The lamestream media told you:


    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

    Connecticut-based National Shooting Sports Foundation has learned that the United Nations has filed what is apparently its first firearms trace request with U.S. authorities. News Releases

    The move by the United Nations, whose so-called bill of rights doesn't recognize self defense, and which has long advocated for civilian disarmament, raises concerns: "Firearms trace data is a law enforcement tool to help aid in specific criminal investigations," according to NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane. "Our concerns with this trace request stem from U.N. efforts to impose arms trade control treaties that would lead to a ban on the civilian possession and ownership of firearms, possibly even in the United States despite Second Amendment protections and the recent Supreme Court decision (Heller v. District of Columbia) reaffirming that Americans have an individual right to keep and bear arms."

    The trace request appears to have been an isolated incident but there is no way to know for certain. "We remain increasingly concerned that ongoing efforts to restrict or ban the civilian and private ownership of firearms taking place at the United Nations will severely restrict and frustrate the lawful international commerce in sporting firearms and ammunition products and undermine the United States' national sovereignty and America's cherished firearms freedoms protected by the Second Amendment and our hunting and shooting sports heritage," concluded Keane.

    The Uninvited Ombudsman has been working on a report about the U.N.'s anti-rights activities in the gun debate, which is expected soon. The Second Amendment Foundation (Second Amendment Foundation Online) is leading an effort to coordinate nations against proposed U.N. sanctions restricting individual human rights.

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    This goes with it. It is too long to post but a good read none the less

    Gun Law Update - CIFTA Treaty

    April 24, 2009. Obama's CIFTA Treaty Skirts Congress,
    plus EPA gun control and the ammo shortage.

    If you can't push gun control through Congress,
    just do an end run and take them out of the picture.

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    I am not a supporter of Obama and his hacks. However, this is pure unadulterated bull$hit. Every treaty must be ratified by a vote of two-thirds of the US senate in order to be implemented. Alan Korwin is lying through his rotten teeth.

    This stuff is being hypped by the wannabe 'gun rights" organizations along with the gunshow promotors, ammo sellers and gun store owners. They just keep it going and going and going.

    Strange that Korwin did not mention the fact that Obama inherited restrictions on military weapons that were put in place by Clinton and Bush I. Korwin is well aware that the importation/re-importation of military weapons into the US has been restricted for a long time, beginning with Bush 1 in 1989. Bush 1 and Bill Clinton both put administrative restrictions on the importation of so called "assault weapons" into the US. That fine pro-gunner, Bush II, let those restrictions stand when he could have declared them null and void.


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    Yep and osamaobama and congress can't force American citizens to buy health insurance either.
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    Why attack the M1 though? Wouldn't they be more interested in stoping imports of AKs? Maybe the M1 seems relatively mild in comparison so it's easy to make things happen.
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    They class the M1 As an assualt weapon
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    They hate and fear the M1 because of its sterling record of nazzi and banzai totalitarian elimination. They are totalitarians, so they fear that which would be the most appropriate weapon to be used against them....
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    My aluminum spork is an assault weapon.:D