why are my bores all slightly orange. I always clean them immediatley after shooting.

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    I don't shoot my guns very often. I have a shotgun (rem 870), a revolver (rug security six), and a semi auto pistol (kel tec p11). I just got them all out today to fondle them. I noticed that all of them have a very very light orange-ish hue to them (down the bore). hmmmmmm....... It made me slightly scared that they were starting to rust. If you do think it is rusting, please tell me how to nip this problem in the bud before it get's too bad. I've heard that steel wool will remove rust from the gun surface, but I've never heard anybody say that it's ok to scrub the bore with steel wool. what do I do?

    or is it possible that it isn't rust? I found some other site where somebody posted that sometimes new guns get orangy copper fouling in the barrel, and that you need to clean it with some copper solvant a few times until the gun is broken in? does that sound like what it could be?

    I'm assuming that it's the copper foulding because I really don't think my guns should be rusting.... I live in a very dry environment and I always clean my guns thoroughly with Rem Oil after shooting. Maybe do I need to oil them up more often? even when they haven't been shot? Maybe I should be running some light oil on them once every couple months?

    if you think this is a rust problem, please tell me how to cure it, and further prevent it.
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    I assume you are using Hoppes #9 solvent to clean with. You get an orange/copper tint if you fail to remove all the solvent from the bore.

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    After your last solvent soaked patch, run a couple of dry patches to soak up the remaining solvent. Then run an oil soaked patch to protect the bore from rusting. Run a dry patch down before firing.
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    Ok I'm pretty sure that is exactly what I do when I clean. Maybe I'm just not doing totally right and just need more practice. So will excess solvant that is left in the barrel cause rusting? Or is it just the color that it dries?
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    The bottom line is you do not want to leave any bore cleaner in the bore at all. There are some that contain ammonia derivatives that can damage your bore if left. Be absolutely sure you run a couple of dry patches through the bore after using solvent a couple of times each. Then get a clean patch soak it with a gun gun lube oil and run it through the bore a couple of times. Then run one dry patch through the bore after you run the lube through it. This will remove the excess and leave a good amount in the bore to protect it.

    Good Solvents:
    Shooters Choice
    Hoppes #9
    Montana Extreme

    Break Free *Must be shaken prior to use!
    The Mobile #1 Mix as prevously discussed here on the Forum
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    damn!!! I'm furious that I used that rem oil! It's probably damaged my barrel. It says that it's a solvent and a lube. So I thought that I was supposed to use it as a solvent to get the bore nice and clean with it, and then finish by re-applying a very small layer of it in the bore and leave it there(i.e, a lube). So from what you guys tell me, this was completely bad to leave rem oil in my barrel as the lube? So why the F does it say that it's a lube? I'm pretty sure the directions say to use it as a lube by leaving a small layer everywhere on the gun!! F me!

    I sure hope it hasn't damaged my guns. I'm going to go get some of your recommended solvents and lubes tonight, and hope that it clears up that damn orange hue. I'm pissed!! I really want to keep my guns perfect. gun cleaning really shouldn't be that hard or a task, but it seem like such a tricky thing that can be done slightly wrong and jack up your guns. and I have never felt like I've gotten a solid unanimous answer about how to clean them correctly. Some people have simply said to just run a bore snake through the bore with some solvent and then your done. It's statments like that that lead me to believe that gun cleaning is sort of not a thing that you need to be really meticulous about. I just felt like so much emphasis was put on just getting solvent in the bore that as long as you did that, you were good to go! But now I'm hearing that you need to get that solvent out of there! what the heck? this is especially confusing now..... especially since the damn rem oil instructions say to leave the stuff in the bore.

    Maybe was I only supposed to use rem oil on my rem 870? should I have used a different solvent on my handguns? maybe it's only meant to be a lube in remington shotgun barrels? I swear I looked it up and many people claimed that rem oil was their favorite cleaner for all guns. now that I think about it.... the only gun that doesn't appear to be showing any weird orange is my 870. DAMN!!!! stupid effing rookie mistake! stupid effing rem oil! fury is setting in. need to go to bed and stop ranting.

    Thanks for all your info and help.
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  7. hiwall

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    be calm. it is extremely unlikely that you damaged anything. almost for sure you are seeing copper deposits. No big deal. clean like stated above or like you have been. If you are uneasy about the color use copper solvent but make sure all that kind of solvent is removed when you are done. about the only things that can cause permanent damage to barrels is rust and very hot loads (mostly in fast rifle calibers).
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    Rem oil will not harm your bore. Not poperly breaking in the barrel, rust and cleaning from the muzzle with a crappy rod are what you need to worry about. Any cleaner which burns the nose needs to be completely removed. Also, don't mix cleaners. I use a good non-toxic copper remover and carbon remover. Always run oiled patches followed by a dry patch or two.

    I've seen barrels so badly coppered they were discarded. Note to the 1st thing with a new rifle, always break in the barrel and copper will be a minor issue.
  9. package81

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    so i cleaned out my barrels really thoroughly with hoppes #9 and they appear to be better now. phew!!!! I am going to find some good oil this weekend to keep them oiled up while sitting in my safe. Thanks for the help guys!
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    i use breakfree clp. it does an good job of removing solvent and preserving the bore. the best ive seen is fluid film. i dont care to pay the hazmat fee to get a large enough supply for my firearms however.