Why All The Hate For Remington .22 Ammo?

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  1. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    I understand different guns like different ammo, but why are the Remington .22's hated so much? Every time someone asks about ammo or asks why there .22 malfunctioned, Theres always a comment like "Stay away from those golden turds" or "Shooting that Remington stuff gonna squib your gun"..

    Why do I seem to have the exact opposite experience? I shoot the Rem bulk packs quite regularly and never have any problems in shooting them in any of my .22's. In fact they are the most accurate in my rifles. Federal (which it seems everybody "loves") I think are the worst, as they have a 7" drop @ 100 yds. compared to the Remingtons..
    My .22's are even old.. Ones a Weatherby MK. XXII made in the 60's and the other is a Winchester Model 63 from 1932, even my modern cheap Taurus PT22 shoots them with no problems.. My rifles have 24"-26" barrels, If the ammo "squibs" consistently, why has it never happened to me? Wouldnt the longer barrel make it easier for the ammo to get stuck?

    So, If the Remington is such "crap", Why does the Remington work so well for me and the Federal doesnt? :confused:
    Maybe you guys should stop buying "crap" guns.... :p
  2. Paladin201

    Paladin201 New Member

    To answer your question in the simplest form possible.....every gun is different. That pretty much sums it up. What works in one, won't work in another. And it can vary across different guns of the same make and model.

    Having said that, I too have had guns that Remingtons worked fine in. But in general, I have had more problems with Remington ammo in more guns than any other ammo. My very first .22 pistol was a Smith & Wesson 422. It would jam just by having a box of Remington ammo in the same room with it. You could put Winchester ammo in it and it would shoot like a breeze, but if you said "Remington" out loud while shooting it would jam. My Ruger 10-22 didn't like Remington ammo at all either.

    But again, all guns are different, and .22's are far more touchy when it comes to ammo than any other caliber.
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  3. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    Its the 10% dud rate i get with them in all my 22s. Ruger bersa gsg sw cmg walther sig everything.

    Bout ten out of every hundred i run is duds. Remingtons response was thats normal for all 22lr ammo.... i fire prolly close to 10k rounds of 22 a year and only remington is consistently duds. I cant remember the last time i had a cci dud. I shoot mainly cci
  4. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    High dud rate and loose bullets. Loose bullets can cause jams. I ended up shooting them in my bolt action and still had duds. I have not bought Remington since.
  5. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    I would say I get about 5 duds per 500, no mater the brand I use.. or the gun...

    I lose count of the .22's a year I shoot, but all my guns seem to eat .22's all the same, It only comes down to how each bullet shoots, not "if". The two rifles I mentioned are the two I shoot the most and the Rems are the most accurate in them, so thats what I buy, but none of my other .22,s seem to do any worse or malfunction any more.

    Im not disputing the fact other guns like different ammo, but just about every thread has at least one post saying how terrible the Rem ammo is.. It just seems theres an actual "hate" for the Remington, as opposed to the "Oh well, my gun doesnt like this ammo" attitude people have with other brands?? I never see "My gun didnt shoot Federals (or other brand), so there crap!!"

    If the Rem is consistently "bad" and "crap" ammo, Why I dont seem to have any of the problem others have shooting them?? Im just sayin' maybe its not all the ammo's fault...
    I guess im just lucky and get the "good" box of them every time I go.... :rolleyes:
  6. 30-30remchester

    30-30remchester New Member

    I am a range officer and oversee many shooting compitions yearly. I have no axe to grind one way or the other. I have seen and heard untold numbers of squib loads or duds with any Remington ammo. I bought a 550 pack and counted the duds and squibs. Somewhere I have the actuall data and the failure rate was quite high. Older Winchester bulk ammo was just as bad. I have tried 2 bulk packs of the new Winchester ammo with good results. Hands down without another horse even coming close, the most reliable ammo was Federals 550 bulk pack. I must see 15 to 20 boxes of this ammo shot each year and see or hear virtually no failures (maybe 1 or 2 per box) maybe. I see it shot in about every kind of gun. Everything being equal I want only the best and from my research and experence it is the Federal.
  7. Snakedriver

    Snakedriver New Member

    I agree with 30-30. I have 5 different .22's, 3 rifles and 2 pistols that gobble up Federal 550 Bulk Ammo with great results. As was said, maybe 1 or 2 duds per box is all you can expect. I also get great accuarcy my guns using the Fed. 550. None of my guns are high dollar, but they are Remingtons, Rugers and Walthers. Not exactly off-brands by any means.

    On the other hand, the Remington Golden Bullet bulk pack ammo has not worked well for me. Someone mentioned a 10% failure rate, but I would say it's closer to 15% from my experience. Accuarcy with the GB is just so-so. It's not the firearms being used by any of us either. If you want to see some blazing accounts on the subject Google "Remington Golden Bullet Problems".

    This issue has been going on for quite some time, yet Remington has refused to do anything to correct the issue. Winchester fixed their quality issues with their .22 ammo, I'm really surprised that Remington is being so stubborn about the matter.
  8. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    I refuse to buy remington ammo until they fix their qc. Ive bought remington 30-06 in the past for the brass and its the only time ive actually had hangfires in a factory loaded centerfire. A hangfire is when it goes click and a few seconds later it goes boom.

    Sorry but remington is making the worst ammo on the market across the board. I like some of their guns but their ammo is terrible
  9. dks7895

    dks7895 New Member

    I own several 22 rifles and handguns...in all types of actions. Remington ammo has a very high failure rate and is just plain dirty. I purchased a few bulk packs of the golden bullet ammo a few years back, and will never buy it again. I was using Federal bulk packs for awhile, but have now settled on the Winchester 555. If Remington decides to redesign their tooling and/or components to produce ammo on par with the competition, I will be happy to try it. At the end of the day it all depends on what your gun likes.
  10. Pasquanel

    Pasquanel Proud to be an American Supporter

    I have had good luck with both Remington and Federal and in years back preferred the Golden bullet but recently I have noticed that Remington has had an unusually large amount of factory recall items in both firearms and ammo! It seems their quality control has slipped mightily!
  11. ALS11

    ALS11 New Member

    I'm one more that has had a lot of "DUDS" with Remington 22 LRs. I will not buy them again and recommend to others not to buy them either. Way to go Remington. Why don't you move to China! What a Shame!
  12. Armadiloroadkil

    Armadiloroadkil New Member

    In still new and have only put about 300+ rounds through my new 10/22 and had zero duds and 2-3 FTF. Now while I know that's insignificant to the numbers most of you have shot, I will say the stuff is downright filthy. I knew .22LR ammo was dirty, but I had to clean more crap off my fingers than I did the receiver.

    Can someone please tell me the Federal is cleaner? That's my only motivation to switch. (...beyond the motivation to try other ammo since I'm still so new an inexperienced.)
  13. fatmidgets

    fatmidgets New Member

    Federal is by FAR a cleaner round. Especially for your hands, cuz I had the same thing happen to me.
  14. Ranger-6

    Ranger-6 New Member

    I shoot the CCI 22lr copper-plated round nose in the HP22. So far I have not had any misfires.
    In the .45 JHP and the 4595TS, I shoot Federal 230 FMJ RN, and have no issue there either.
  15. Foskco

    Foskco New Member

    When I bought my ruger 10-22 the guy at Shooter's Depot gave me 100 or so free rounds and a few mins free range time to try it out, and what do you know he gave me Remingtons. With a STEEL lip mag as opposed to the Hot lips (plastic) mags, I had 3 jams and I've shot 10-22's before I owned one and they usually don't jam unless it's the ammunition's fault.
    It's been said on this thread several times though... different ammo different guns, it all depends.
  16. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    I can only say that you've been lucky.

    With some of us we've run thru several 550 packs a MONTH...so we'll see a greater number of errors than average.
    I've got two Calico's; a pistol and carbine, multiple semi-auto, levers & slides, carbines from various makers, and tons of stuff people bring me to fix...
    The Calico's are 100-rds per mag each...5 mags eats a 500 box real fast.
    I use Spee-D-Loaders on tube-mag carbines...so there goes another box...
    and then once I get all my box mags loaded, that's another 500...

    After unloading the fun way, by the end of the day, that's a ton of ammo downrange...
    and after writing down in the log books how each weapon fares...and how each ammo fares...
    I'd put CCI on top, everyone else in the middle, ARMSCOR next to last & Remington Dead Last.
    Strangely enough, the Mexican-made Aguila & Centurion, which was a Remington plant & the workers taught by Remmy personnel...
    makes better rimfire ammo these days than Remmy does...go figure. Possibly because they were taught back in the 60's,
    and they carried that higher standard with them to this day...whereas Remington's Rimfire division has SUCKED for about two decades, IMHO.

    Ammo does NOT earn Nasty Nicknames unless its EARNED 'em...hence the Golden Bullsquish (nice version) and Thunderduds.

    Since my twins were born 8 months ago, getting to the range has been nearly impossible, and all-day shooting is gone for a few years...
    so I've not been able to test the latest & greatest stuff coming out...like the CCI Tactical .22lr, but if its anything like other CCI, should be great :)

    Can't wait until they reach around 5-6 years and show serious ability to take direction & follow orders precisely so I can take 'em to the range :)
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  17. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Active Member

    I have about a dozen 22lr pistols and rifles and have 15-17 different 22lr ammo's from just about every manufactuer there is. I shoot quite a lot of the Remington Golden bullets and have never had anymore trouble out of them than any other brand.I probably have the most trouble from Winchester Wildcats.
    CCI is by far the best rimfire ammo,but everyone has some bad rounds with rimfire ammo.

    Cheap ammo's like a cheap car-You'll never get Ferrari perfomance from a Kia!
  18. godale

    godale New Member

    all my 22s are and were marlins. i have never shot remmy ammo in any of those rifles and had success, now maybe somebody has ...
  19. 007BondJamesBond007

    007BondJamesBond007 New Member

    I just fired off a 500 round box of Remington 22 and had more jams and and duds then with the Federal bulk pack. After shooting my hands were black. Enough said.
  20. tomingreeneco

    tomingreeneco New Member

    I quit using them just because they are dirty. I have never had any problems with duds, but I only used them in different SA revolvers. They are just a dirty round that leaves your gun and hands dirtier then other ammo (You look like golden boy after shooting them :D). I can always pick up federal at the same or better price, so i quit using them.