Whoops, wish I would've

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  1. IowaShooter

    IowaShooter Well-Known Member Supporter

    Mauser model 1914 chambered in 7.65 browning

    If and when I buy one again it will be about the 6th gun I've bought, sold, then repurchased later
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  2. towboater

    towboater Well-Known Member

    L1A1 heavy barrel. Sold $500.00. That's what I had in it and about what it was worth back then.
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  3. Texgunner

    Texgunner Member

    I sold both of my Browning Hi-Powers about a month before FN discontinued them.

    Wish I had held off on selling those.
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  4. Caveman Jim

    Caveman Jim Well-Known Member Supporter

    S&W 439 & 469
    I miss them terribly....:oops::oops::oops:
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  5. ifithitu

    ifithitu Well-Known Member

    Wow that a beautiful Dan Wesson .357 Mag.revolver.
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  6. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel Active Member

    I've not got many gun buying or selling regrets. Been collecting and trading for decades now and generally pretty happy. Overpaid for some, underpaid for others, made out great and not so great here and there. I've generally taken the advice not to sell unless you really don't want it and don't think you ever will, or buy one for a good price if you're mildly interested, and that has served me generally well. There are two exceptions.

    I mildly regret trading off my first handgun, a Beretta 92FS. I made out about even with a gun that became my carry gun for the next decade or more, a Glock, so I don't particularly mind the trade economically or practically. I'm not much a fan of that design and the value was about even, it's just the sentiment.

    I foolishly passed on a $600 blued Cold Python just after Obama's election in 2008-2009 timeframe. It was "assault weapon fever" and anything else was crushed in value. Some guy in line at the gun show was ready to sell or trade his Python for cheap and I so stupidly passsed on it... gun probably went up four fold in value in a decade, and many of those "assault weapons" collapsed in value. Hey, at least I wasn't the guy selling, and he must still be kicking himself! And I didn't get suckered too much on overpaying in that era. I bought a few overpriced lowers but I also made out well too so it's about a wash.
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  7. PeeJay1313

    PeeJay1313 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Every firearm I've purchased, I still have... Oh, every inherited firearms as well.. Is this a problem?? Lol
  8. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel Active Member

    I often wonder of the history of certain guns. For instance I recently bought a deer rifle from a guy who inherited it from his dad, who passed. We talked and I wanted to make sure he was good with it. No regrets. He was, and said he had kept other guns from his dad and was okay letting this go and believed his dad would want him to spend the money on something else... I definitely won't buy from someone who might be emotionally connected or under duress or economic hardship for reasons folks here have mentioned - regret.
  9. PeeJay1313

    PeeJay1313 Well-Known Member Supporter

    My father has several firearms, he's at a point to pass things on.. He gave me first choice.. My question to him was, "what means the most to you".. He pointed... I chose the one he pointed to.. Value is nice, but it's not always about value. Its the meaning and history behind it..
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  10. crash11049

    crash11049 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Whoops, wish I would've...
    Looking back 40 years or so, at all the "wall hanger" Damascus shotguns I saw.
    They could be had cheap, everyone was afraid of Damascus barrels.
    The name did not mater Parkers , LC Smiths all types of high end doubles,
    They were too dangerous to shoot, and very cheap.
    Then came the revelation that with the right loads, they were still great guns.
    So the market went up and along with it the prices went up too.
    But now the pendulum swings again, and the market has come down.
    Not for the dangerous Damascus reasons, no for a age/culture thing.
    Less of the younger buyers look at the classic double, preferring synthetic stocks and the semi auto.
    Not many of the younger buyers have shot clays or hunted, and their only thoughts are of self defense uses.
    I understand the mentality, ya got to have the coolest thing at the time.
    The start for me when I was young was the Walther PPK, yep 007 that's what started me off.
    I spent years as a pistol man, and yes Pee Jay there are others that keep them all lol.
    But me being old and lets say... "set in my ways" I love old sxs shotguns.
    At this time in my life I only wish I had bought when cheaper...
    sorry rambling...I blame it on the Jameson.
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  11. OLD Ron

    OLD Ron Well-Known Member

    Over the years I have bought a few guns . Traded for some . Inherited a couple . With all the gun grabbers out there now could loose them at any time . Took the fun out of owning . Used to be the worry of some mut breaking in & taking them . Now it's the law & muts wanting to take them . Add to the mix how dangerous the streets are getting & you can pull your hair out over thinking ownership .
    I just keep aware of what's going on & don't let them change the fun I am having . :)
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  12. Donn

    Donn Well-Known Member

    My dad's, (RIP), Ruger Super Blackhawk 44mag. He was into SA six-shooters, I wasn't. Besides, I already had a S&W M29, didn't figure I needed two 44's. When he was alive, he told me many times the Ruger was a better, stronger gun, (He was right about the stronger part). Anyway, I needed the money at the time, let it go. Too soon old, too late smart.
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  13. OLD Ron

    OLD Ron Well-Known Member

    To me bottom line is ...... Buy smart .... sell smart ...... keep what you like & have fun . You can change your underwear but you can't change the past .
    Always let others have regrets while you have fun !
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  14. rock185

    rock185 Active Member

    Several, but mainly a 98% Pre War National Match Colt with the Stevens adjustable sight. Looked just like this photo of one I found on the internet.
    Pre War National March.jpg
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  15. sheriffjohn

    sheriffjohn Well-Known Member Supporter

    Browning Hi-power with 5 digit serial # (suicide gun given to me by widow). Didn't sell, cut up and thrown in river with a witness. Webley revolver with single-shot adapter, Winchester model 43 .22 hornet, 219 Savage .22 hornet, several others. Oh well..
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  16. harkersislandnc

    harkersislandnc Well-Known Member

    Ruger #1 in 22-250. Traded a PSA Freedom AR for it and later traded it to my cousin for a 28ga Wingmaster I had to have. It was fincky about what it shot and I didn't take the time to find a load it liked. It is now shooting bug holes.
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