Who was in New Orleans after Katrina? What did you carry? Got stories?

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    Who Worked New Orleans after Katrina? What did you carry? Got any story's?
    I went to New Orleans in the middle of September 2005. I worked for a Dallas based Security company. I was posted at Dillard University in Gentilly. We worked 7 days a week in 12 hour shifts. First night I arrived I slept on the floor of a one bedroom apt in Jefferson Parrish with abt 20 other guys.

    It was the worst thing I have ever seen. I never saw a body but could smell them among a multitude of other things.
    I carried a Springfield XD-40. I would have had a Sig P229 but the armored car company I was working for before I left only wanted hammerless handguns

    There was a-lot of cowboy type crap going on. A-lot of corporate security guards from texas walking around with AR-15's and other Military rifles. We even used to go to the grocery store dressed and armed to the teeth.

    I stayed there till thanksgiving. I Almost shot a dog that trotted in my direction. Last thing I wanted was a bite from a dog that had been surviving on its own on what was left of NO. Heard lots of stories of guys killing dogs and having to draw down on people but nothing major.

    I got more to tell if people post here..