Who wants to build me a Ar-15?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Uchahi, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Uchahi

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    Let me start with the fact that I really don't know what I want. I have little information about these rifles and I would like to learn as much as possible before purchasing one. I have a few ideas of what I want, but am not entirely sure what to keep in mine when I am looking. If there are any sites that have a good over view of the Ar-15 style weapons then please post them so that I might learn and be bettered. Please don't over load me with details.

    Back Story:
    Like I mentioned that I have very little knowledge and NO trigger time with one of these. Although I have shot 7mm, 308, and 30-06. So I have shot some rifles of some sort.

    Do I really know what I want?

    I have been trying to do some research. And here are some concussions that I have gathered so far.

    1. I am looking for a gun with out a bunch of extra crap on it.
    2. I want folding sights so that I can have a low profile Red dot.
    3. M-4 style stock min. 4 positions.
    5. I really don't get the difference in between the 556 and the 223?
    6. I believe that I would like to have the option to add a flashlight to it.

    So if you would be so kind as to direct me in the the correct direction that would be great.

    Price: First one so keep it on the lower end.
  2. Jpyle

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    Don't sweat it, there are about a dozen folks here that have built, or are in the process of building, their own AR (myself included) that started out as total newbies to the platform. In the AR-15 discussion forum there are a few stickies and threads that will take you through the process from start to finish. If you get stuck along the way just post, several of the guys here are always willing to share their experience and they really seem to enjoy helping with the build.

    I might also suggest doing some window shopping on the various gun shop sites, manufacturers sites to determine exactly what you want. If you find something that exactly fits the bill post a pic here and folks will be able to identify the various parts that you need, offer advice on how difficult they would be to install and even help you determine whether building or buying the upper is a better way to go.

    Good luck, have fun....
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  3. hunter Joe

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    If you can't pry the information out of JD, (our resident AR Guru), try sites like AR15.com., otherwise, I'll build it for you free of charge.

    Seriously though, not a big deal after you make up your mind as to what you want. The trouble is coming to grips with the options you want, although, it appears you have a good start on that.

    Keep us posted and good luck. Joe
  4. Quentin

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    Definitely read through the stickies and take your time and get up to speed. The more hours you put into research before buying the more weeks you'll be happy with the AR you do buy. I took months and devoured everything I could find about ARs and made a list of must have features. I went from noob to fairly knowledgeable before buying and recommend anyone to do the same. I did my own custom build and still am pleased with it a year later.

    Try to get out and handle as many at gun shops as you can. And if you have a place that lets you rent and shoot do that too.

    ETA: Look at the S&W M&P-15 that CDNN.com has on sale for $599 (after MIR) for another month or so. It meets all your requirements if you buy clamp on folding sights. It is 5.56 which normally is what people should get since you can also fire .223. Not wise to do the reverse. After research you might find that it's still acceptable or you may want to aim a little higher.
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    I just built my own. When I was at the stage you are at now (that was only a handful of months ago) I decided to learn as much as I could.

    I would highly suggest that you do your own research and purchase the elements that you deem fit your needs. You really shouldn't buy a bunch of things that people here tell you to. You should know what your are buying and why you are buying it. Otherwise, just pick a dollar figure and go buy a complete rifle at your local, trusted gun shop.

    I'm am suggesting, however, that you learn what you need to learn and go build one yourself. It's not that tough and there is enough info on this forum to get it done.

    Just give yourself enough time to read and read and read.
  6. tcustoms

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    Plumb Crazy lower 150.00 including transfer
    JSE upper (DPMS rec.) in your hands 350.00
    Magpul BUS f/r 85.00

    So 585.00 you have a basic shooter. Just add mags and ammo
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  7. junho806

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    +1 to what all these guys said
    there is no reason why you couldn't build it yourself
    i did and i have never built anything in my life...except legos...
    if you can hold a hammer, twist a screwdriver, and read then it is more than possible to for you to do it yourself
    just check out the stickied posts in the ar-15 discussion section. you should see my build there too
  8. Dillinger

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    I appreciate the honorable mention, but we have SEVERAL folks here who are just as helpful and WAY more knowledgable than I am on this unit.

    Some of them just don't have as much time to post that I do. :)

    If I can help, I am happy too, but there is already a TON of information on this forum about building vs. buying, along with several step by step threads.

    So do some reading, see what you think, and come back with some questions.

    I am working on a part write up for help in these situations.

  9. wjkuleck

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    There is a book available that perfectly fits the needs of the first-time AR builder, or so I've been told by many people: The AR-15 Complete
    Assembly Guide
    . OK, it may seem like shameless self-promotion. However, I wrote the Assembly Guide because I couldn't find a book like it when I built my first AR in '98. The Assembly Guide will take you through your build with confidence.

    I'm really kinda uncomfortable with this post, but I couldn't let the opportunity to suggest a useful resource slip by.


  10. hunter Joe

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    JD, you are such a humble man, NOT.

    It's just that some give more readily than others. Maybe it's because they have sissy sack jobs and too much time on their hands or their just old farts with nothing else to do.