Who Uses .44 Magnum Revolver For HD?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by ninjatoth, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. ninjatoth

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    I was just wondering if anyone here uses a .44 magnum revolver loaded with .44 special's for home defense.I was thinking about getting a .357 Ruger GP100 for HD,but I am also a hunter,and while on Ruger's website,the Ruger Redhawk DA .44 mag caught my eye and I can't stop thinking about it,I like the way it looks with the half lug 4.2"barrel in SS and houge grips,I like the way it looks better than any revolver i've ever seen.Should I go for it?
  2. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Active Member

    Some decent ammo for it for HD would be the CCI Blaser Brass .44 special loads featuring the Gold Dot bullet.

  3. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    Make sure you check out the ammo prices before you go this route. These things are not cheap to shoot...
  4. Flint Rock

    Flint Rock New Member

    A big bore revolver is always a good choice when it comes to shooting things:D! The dang ammo costs might put a smack down on your wallet though:(. The ammo cost for 44 Special, 44 Magnum, and 45 Colt are so close together that you can't rule one in or out without doing the same to the other two. I kind of lean towards the 45 Colt
    Ruger® Redhawk® Double-Action Revolver Model 5027
    You can easily go from mild cowboys loads to wild dracula dropers without doing any reloading. The cowboy loads would be easy enough to enjoy shooting all day, and then you could load up Gold Dots, Glasers, or whatever floats your boat. If you wanted to go with a real heavy hitter,
    Grizzly Ammunition 45 Colt (Long Colt) +P 260 Grain Bonded Core Jacketed Flat Point Box of 20 - MidwayUSA
    Grizzly has loads as heavy as 335 grains. I don't think you could go wrong with either caliber. You would be more right with the 45 Colt:p.
  5. ninjatoth

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    I decided i'm going to get the 5.5" barrel vs the 4.2".Because there is harldey a difference in power between a 4" and a 6" .357,I figured that the .44 mag would be the same,but after looking up real world numbers,a 4.2" and a 5.5" in .44 mag are totally different.
  6. Rick1967

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    I have a 44 mag as well as 45 colt. I reload for both for about $5 for a box of 50. Buy your SD ammo. Shoot a couple of cylinders full just to get a feel for it. Then use reloads at the range.