Who in here is ex-military or currently in?

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    I like for the you to name your rank,time in,branch of service ,overseas duty or war time service,ect.

    I myself Army National Guard/Army from 1779-1991,I was E-5 Sergeant at time of honorable discharge,I was in 1438th trans co majority of my time ,in Desert Storm we was called the "Mother Truckers" :p
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    I was a seal- on a secret team, a sniper- in a unit that doesn't exist, and a ranger. I was in for several years and went several places. I can't tell you anymore. It's all classified.

    No. Seriously folks, I'm here all week- try the veal

    I was in '88-'94 Navy San Diego for 2.5 years of training, FFG-58 for the rest.
    Took a sailing tour of the Persian gulf in '91. E-4 Honorable discharge

  3. 97powerstroke

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    85-89, Navy, Submarine, mm3/ss,A-ganger. USS Sturgeon ssn637, Charlestown SC.
  4. ander

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    ex miltary

    :D 26 years US Army retired 1sgt , two all expence paid trips to a jungle resort. One paid trip to a beach resort, lots of sand. Loved most of it, Ak 47 rds was not the best.
  5. Quigs

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    Active Army Infantry grunt. 2 years so far out of 4 done. 9 months spent in Iraq. E-4 SPC.
  6. JoeLee

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    REGULAR ARMY 56-71,Doors Locked.


    Who Is Or Was In The Military?


    24, years, Navy, Retired as a Chief Petty Officer /E-7- (Though we never called it that) I did various duty, mostly on Destroyers, Cruisers and a few shore and Oversea's duty! Was primarly in Sonar and Torpedo's and did a lot of other weapons related duty! Was part of a SSET (Ship Security Evaluation Teams) Boarded and searched a lot of ships going in and out of iraq aftet the 91 Gulf war and got out in early 98! Had a few tours oversea's at embassy duty and was thier when Iran took it's plunge into chaos! A few stories to tell there!

    Mostly, I was simply a Sailor, never a Seal, or an EOD guy, did have a lot of thier training and we did teach a few courses in Survival, mostly to Pilots and a few others selected!
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    Navy, '79-'82 Peacetime service, left as an E4. I was an AQ, a rate that no longer exists (Aviation fire control tech, no flames involved). Blew out my back, discharged early with a medical.
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    Question for you military people......

    We were discussing the issue of military people being thanked for their service on another forum. One of the guys said that his nephew hated it when people thanked him for his service. His words were: "I hate that crap!"

    How do you feel about it, and what would you say is the best way that someone can show their gratitude for the sacrifice that you're making?
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    US Army January, 1959 until November, 1979. Served for over 20 years in Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Retired M/Sgt.
  11. Duck

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    US Army 1999-2005 98G Russian/Farsi
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    usaf 1972 ibelieve it was the 138th tac/sac.
    my father was us army 1952.
    my son is currently us army okla guard preping for deployment to irac.
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    U.S. Army 1966-70

    I was in the U.S. Army. Served in Vietnam in 1968. If not for the war going on it was a wonderful place to serve a tour of duty. I still liked it better than stateside duty... Honorable discharge and served proudly.
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    Tony, great thread. Thanks.

    My father was a career soldier, US Army, Infantry. He retired in 1965 a First Sergeant with over 26 years of active duty service. He earned his Combat Infantryman's Badge in Europe during WW2, and again in South Korea....North Korea....South Korea. :) He was proud of his service, and I am proud of my dad. He passed away a few years ago, still dealing with PTSD from the war, but we didn't know what it was called then.

    I enlisted in the Navy, Aviation Branch in 1965, prompted by the Gulf of Tonkin lie. Despite what I wanted, the Navy wanted me to be an Aviation Ordnanceman, the symbol for that is my avatar. Again despite what I wanted, I never served in Vietnam, nor was I ever assigned to a ship. After boot camp, a brief assignment in Memphis Tenn. and "A" School, I spent the rest of my enlistment in San Diego. I was assigned to "ship's company," NAS Miramar, Fightertown USA. Working in the Operations Department, Weapons Division, we supplied squadrons of F-4 Phantoms, A-4 SkyHawks, A-7 Corasirs and F-8 Crusaiders with bombs, rockets, missiles, and other assorted explosive goodies. It was mostly an 8-5 day job, with rotating weekends on duty.

    Upon acheiving the exaulted rank of Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class (E-5, or equivelent to sergeant) at about my 2nd year in, I was assigned to operate the base pistol range. In the typical military way of doing things, it really didn't matter that I didn't know how to shoot, let alone instruct shooting, so I had to learn quickly. On my first day at the range, I couldn't help but notice all the noise when the base pistol team showed up for noon practice. :) I asked one of the Senior Chiefs on the team if he'd help me learn to shoot, and the rest is history. I wound up shooting on the 11th Naval District Team.

    My designation was "Range Safety Officer," and according to base regs, I reported directly to the Commanding Officer of Fightertown, who also happened to be on the pistol team. I had the officer designation because I had to instruct pilots and other air crew on the care and feeding of the M1911a1 pistol and was not to take any back-talk from the officers I was instructing. I had the keys to the armory, the ammo locker and the range. Needless to say, it turned into a sweet deal.

    Despite volunteering for duty in Vietnam, I was denied 3 times. I was disappointed at the time, but in hind-sight I'm thankful.

    My Highlight Reel.
    On Christmas Day, 1968, because of my ability with firearms, I was put on temporary duty in the Marine Security Detail, to greet the arriving crew of the USS Pueblo. We kept the media a l-o-n-g way from them, and escorted them to the Naval Hospital. On that day, while waiting for the plane to arrive, we were joined at a table in the ops cafeteria by the Governor of California, Ronald Reagan.

    I ocassionally worked with the USMC Small Arms Training Unit, which developed, tested and evaluated special firearms for use in SouthEast Asia. Most of it was classified, so don't ask.

    And thanks SheGUN, I am proud of my service.
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    3 years active as a 96R1P in the 82nd Airborne, then 5 years as a 12B1P for the Cali National Guard, with one year of that on AD for a deployment.
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    23 yrs air force, msgt(e-7) . when i worked at a convenience store on a main road between ft. bragg, cherry point and points north, mainly ohio, wv, kentucky, and a gi would get gas, i'd try to pay for at least $20 worth of gas for them. back in the late eighties it sometimes would be a fill up. and believe it or not, they'd be back and lots would buy junk food and other travel stuff they could get elsewhere, but kind appreciation was great for business too. bless them all, i could not stand their amount of pressure in this day.
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    Military service

    I went into the Army Jan of 1963.Spent time in lousiana,Arizona,Virginia. Then Went to Viet Nam,to Missouri,Then to Germany and finally to Georgia and finally got out in April of 1974 .Went to work for a Caterpillar dealer in Missouri and got into the Navy Sea Bee reserves for another 13 years, then went into the Army National Guard in Missouri for another year. Finally decided it was time to stop.:D
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    I spent 2 yrs. in the Army.


    Thanks to Military members?

    Shegun Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    I am happy to repond to your questions about Military member and how they feel when they are told "THANK YOU"? I've always appreciated it! I know a few others that do, but are kinda shy about it and seem awkward on how they respond to it? I've know a lot of Viet nam Vets that LOVE IT! As they never got anything but crap about it when they got home in the 60-70's?

    Modern Day Veterans, I'm not sure? I got out in 97-98, so it's been a while back, I'll sit back and see what the newer folks have to say about it?