Who have you verbally attacked lately?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by MrKimber, Sep 28, 2009.

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    The Communication Age may very well be the death of us all.
    Here's my issue. A large portion of human communication is done not through words but through tone and rhythm. This is not adequately conveyed through written text unless one is a skilled writer and takes the time to establish tone. Emoticons are not sufficient.

    But it goes beyond that. Human communication also relies on context. Single words have little meaning on their own. Observe a lot of the most tedious and absurd arguments that go on in this forum... Many involve ongoing conflict over the meanings of words, insane dissections of sentences that remove all context.

    Is it a cynical device to overlook the obvious meaning? I don't think so. I think the Communication Age is training people to look at language in a cold, bloodless manner, one that involves consulting the dictionary due to the inability to put together multiple thoughts into a full concept that may shift from cold meaning to dictionary definitions.

    It's a combination of the "know it all" mentality that arises from being able to look up information in seconds (whether applicable and reliable or not) and the natural reaction to a majority of communication being text-based. Of course also consider that most information looked up in seconds is summarized or isolated from full context.

    It doesn't help that most of the "information suppliers" of this Brave New Text World are not the kinds of writers who can convey tone or context. Most, it seems, are barely literate.

    The Communication Age is not really bringing people together. It is isolating people in their own abstract universes. Language has gone from being a way to communicate with others to a way to rationalize ideas to oneself.

    Yes, I know this is a rant. However, after watching this forum over the last 4 or 5 months become a location to attack fellow members (supporting and not supporting) over trivial and unsubstantiated ideas that differ from thiers to even attacking over spelling errors. It is juvenile at best.

    Thank you all for the opportunaty to engage over the last 1/2 year.

    Best regards, MrKimber.
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  2. c3shooter

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    Mr. Kimber- I must say, I agree with in many respects.

    Firearms are a HOBBY to me- hobby being defined as an enjoyable past-time. Since actions have been taken by various governments to politicize firearms and gun owners, politics has become inseparable from gun interests in many areas.

    As to spelling or grammar, I try not to be critical if it does not change the meaning of a posting. I deal with people almost daily who did not learn English as their first language. Anyone that feels superior to another because his English is superior should take a lesson in humility, and try to communicate in Mandarin or Korean.

    If I think a poster is an idiot, I have been known to tell them I think they are an idiot. Not because they like Gin and I like Scotch, or they like Glock and I like S&W. Rather because they have espoused a view that is so blatantly false, that 30 seconds of gathering information would have killed that (Looking to go polar bear hunting this spring- will my .25 Raven be too much gun for the 1000 yard shots?)

    I don't mind youngsters- rather like them. We all used to be kids, and as long as they wipe their feet, maybe they can learn something. I am a member of another forum where a regular poster is 14- and a sharp young kid.

    If something stops being an enjoyable past-time, then it should be something I get paid to do. Things I enjoy I do for free.

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    Guns, shooting, and self-defense are pretty serious subjects really and there's no margin for error or mistakes. When I see obviously false or bad information offered - yes I will point it out. Lot's of newbies come here looking for real advice and help and I for one don't want them given wrong or bad info.

    The troubling part is we seem to have many folks lately that just continue to post crap no matter how many times they're called out on it. The "flash-bangs down the hallway" is a perfect example of crap to me...
  4. neo

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    I'm very young for you guys, and most people would never know. It's just these little rascals give all kids online a bad reputation. Please believe me, there are some mature kids out there!

    I agree. Although this age has provided us with a wealth of information in seconds, it has also provided us with so much inaccurate information. Some people I know lack social skills, from so mmuch texting. Sad.
  5. CA357

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    Mr. K's post makes sense to me.
  6. cpttango30

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    What is the problem.

    I hate all of you equally so whats the problem.

    EOH that is what I am.....

    Equal Opportunity Hater.

    Maybe you need to fill out the hurt feelings report sheet if you PM JD he will email one to you.
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    It's the smiley's. People often forget that voice inflection is lacking in text-based communications. Smiley's are supposed to be used to help with communicating things not communicated by simple text. Remember people smiley's can say "hey this is a joke & is not intended as a critical jab at this poor fellow". :) ( <-- indicates a friendly post not intended to offend)

    SGT-MILLER New Member

    This forum isn't perfect, because the people that inhabit it aren't perfect.

    My advice is to do something to help the forum or you may spend your free time somewhere else if the forum is bothering you.

    Some people are having a ghey time insulting other forum members, but I'm sure it's been addressed. If not, it will be addressed shortly.
  9. MrKimber

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    I rest my case!
  10. UnderFire

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    With a community like ours... there's plenty of "Trolls" that like to stir the pot and get emotions flared up. I've seen it time & time again a new member (Troll) will post one thread to start a fight and when the mess starts to fly will add other posts so that it'll continue. Usually those members only have a small post count. I must say the Mods do a great job in stopping the "crap throwing contest".

    I'm with NGIB...
    I've noticed on this forum most of the trouble comes from the uninformed member or a Troll just posting out his kazoo.;)
  11. orangello

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    I think you missed the patented, inferred Tango smiley. I think it is similar to a :rolleyes: :p ;) :D combo.
  12. ktmboyz

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    I have also noticed a decline in here since I arrived but I've only been here for 8 mos so I'm still a newbie I guess.

    I find myself on here constantly but more of a lurker and reader. Seems this and many other forums are a private social club of sorts :confused:
  13. WDB

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    This has been discussed on several other threads and believe it has improved. For me I found that I was spending too much time on the forum (before anyone says anything, I started that statement with for me:p) and was taking it personally. I took some time off and came back with things in better prospective. I'm here for fun and if it isn't fun I'll go do something else. For the most part this is a great forum and with the member numbers growing I expect the forum to have issues at times. What I do know is most of the change since I've been a member has been for the best and issues are quickly resolved for the best of the forum.
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    I am practically a baby on this forum. inserting smiley for the sake of a persons being confused it isn't a joke ;):D

    However in all seriousness, there are tons of stupid kids my age that ruin it for the rest of us. Most often our mistakes are from ignorance. Please have patience.