Who has customized its RUGER MK 512?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Tueur de mouches, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Tueur de mouches

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    My question is simple, who has customized his Ruger with after market parts? If anyone has pictures, it may make. :)
    I went to the official website of Ruger, for ordering Cocobolo grips and a holster, but they do not do the pieces of weapons ... :mad:
    So I went to the dealer near me. I received my grips cocobolo in October ... :eek:
    It's long but I have no choice.
  2. cpttango30

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    Try looking over at RFC Home there are plenty of Ruger koolaid drinkers over there. Tac-sol makes uppers for the MkII pistols. That come threaded or not and in many different colors like Red, Blue, black, Silver, OD Green. THey also make great supperssors that will screw right on the tac-sol MK-II uppers and are the same diameter as the barrels. That way you get a nice clean look.

  3. Clem

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    My MK III 512 has some aftermarket parts in it. I replaced the hammer with a VQ MK II hammer and hammer bushing. That eliminated the mag safety. I also replaced the sear with a VQ sear, and replaced the trigger with a Marvel trigger. I also replaced the rear sight with a VQ rear sight and serrated the front sight. I got very nice, checkered wood MK II grips from Brownell’s that I modified for the MK III with a Dremel tool. I also drilled and tapped the mag release and installed a 1911 mag release extension button. I also lightly lapped the barrel with JB Bore Bright to reduce the tool marks on the lands, then I broke in the barrel with hundreds of rounds of copper wash high speed stuff.

    Now it shoots beautifully.

    I did the same thing to my MK III Hunter. I like it a little more for shooting with two hands. One handed, I prefer the shorter sight radius of the 512.