White-tailed Deer Control Program in Austin, TX

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    I received this email today with an impressive map (covering thousands of acres). The hunt will be from December 2 through February.

    Anyone in Austin taking advantage of this?

    White-tailed deer control on Balcones Canyonlands Preserve

    This is to inform all concerned that the City of Austin BCP Program will begin this year’s white-tailed deer population control program on December 02, 2010. Control is by lethal means (shooting) under a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department managed lands program permit. The BCP Program will be harvesting white-tailed deer on the Double J&T, Reicher Ranch, and Bohls tracts of the South Lake Austin Macrosite; on the Cortana tract of the North Lake Austin Macrosite; on the Franklin, Lanier, Sam Hamilton Memorial Reserve (former Water Treatment Plant Four), Canyon Creek, and Ivanhoe tracts of the Upper Bull Creek Macrosite; and on Lime Creek and Austin Simons of the Cypress Creek Macrosite. It is also possible we may add Vireo Research Area later in the year (possibly late January or February). A map is attached for your reference, but does not include Vireo Research Area due to the current uncertainty. Harvesting at these sites will end by late February, 2011. As required by COA management, all deer harvested are donated to the Capital Area Food Bank through the Hunters for the Hungry Program.
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    i will look into that i live just south of austin in kyle