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    What is it?? I have a M1911 Colt in .45 caliber that my uncle purchased and took to France in 1917. The left side of the slide says "Patented April 20, 1897, Sept. 9, 1902, Dec. 19, 1905, Feb 14, 1911, Aug 19, 1913. Colt's pt. f.a.mfg. co., It has the rearing Colt symbol, and on the left side of the frame above the magazine release button, there is a very small eagle head with s11 under it Serial number on the right side of the frame is xxxxx. Grips are checkered walnut with a sort of diamond pattern where the screws are placed. It lso has a lanyard loop in the butt near the magazine. I can't find anyplace that lists the serial number, and everywhere I look, I read that all early 1911's were marked U.S. Gov't property. This does not have that mark. I don't see any other markings other than those I have listed. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. By the way, it shoots wad cutters, hardball and cast lead bullets without any problems, and it's not for sale.

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    Chances are that what your uncle bought was a commercial model. The US govt property was stamped on the military models, but not on commercials.
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    Does the serial number have a C prefix?
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    No prefix, just 5 digits under the slide and a little ahead of the walnut grip on the right side beginning with 8. There is no finish left, however under the grips it's black. I can't find any reference to that number. The slide is marked mfg. Hartford Ct. Although the pistol has been in the family since 1917, I wonder if the slide could be from another
    M1911, and the rest mfg. elsewhere?
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    Where are the pics ????????????????