Which state would you move to?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dnthmn2004, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Vermont

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  2. New Hampshire

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  1. dnthmn2004

    dnthmn2004 New Member

    I think I have decided on moving north. Arises the problem of which state to move to, VT or NH. Both are literally a 20 minute drive from where I sit right now so staying in touch with my family won't be a problem. Here are my positives and negatives I am debating.

    Negatives - Unfortunately, my wife is from VT. So I would be kicking MA laws and gaining in-laws. There are way too many hippies and rednecks for my taste. Everyone would hate me because I'm another Ma$$hole invading their state.

    Positives - It is a very beautiful state and the hunting is out of this world. My grandmother-in-law lives on the side of a mountain called Deer Hill, guess why. If she would let me, I could bag a deer from her living room every time I visit. :cool: There are practically no gun laws so I can finally get cool stuff like Nighthawks and high capacity magazines. The only license you need is a hunting license. VT is number 49 on a list of highest crime rates involving a firearm.

    Negatives - Taxes suck. Even though there are "no taxes" on any goods and there is no income tax, they make up for it with property tax. And I want to buy enough land to hunt on. NH has more gun laws than VT. Their state monument fell down :rolleyes:

    Positives - NH is also a beautiful state with great hunting. Five star beaches. No taxes. Less gun laws than MA. Fireworks are legal. http://www.firearmstalk.com/forums/f13/new-hampshire-preparing-put-feds-notice-10605/

    All joking aside, PLEASE add any positives or negatives you think would help in my decision. SERIOUSLY canebrake, this NOT a time to joke around! :p
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  2. Scrapper

    Scrapper Guest

    I am seriously considering a move to NH as we speak.

  3. user4

    user4 New Member

    Go with your heart on this one. I would have chosen NH on the pure basis that there is a large libertarian base there intent on showing the federal government that you can govern without bureaucracy and punitive laws. Small gov't is good.
  4. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    If I HAD to choose, I got to go with Vermont. Better gun laws, less crime versus In-Laws? Hardly a choice. Man up and set dates when the in laws can and can't come over - then use that time for family time so that when the in laws DO come over, you can be off hunting. :D

    New Hampshire? Sorry Bro - anything that involves MORE TAXES I am TOTALLY against....

  5. Cnynrat

    Cnynrat New Member

    Are the total taxes really higher, or are they just paid through different means? Here's a link to a table that camparing total tax burden by state: Tax Burden By State.

    It lists NH as one of the most tax friendly at 49/50, and Vermont near the top of the list (highest tax per capita) at 6/50. The list claims to include property taxes, but of course they had to make some assumptions about average income and property tax levels. If your income or property value was far from the average you may not fit the average very well.

    Also, if you're thinking about a large piece of land you may be looking at a more rural area where land values might be lower than near one of the bigger towns, so the property tax burden may not be all that bad. Something to think about anyway.

    There is also this to consider about NH: Free State Project

    Overall, either would be an improvement over MA, but I'd lean towards NH.
  6. rfield

    rfield New Member

  7. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

  8. dnthmn2004

    dnthmn2004 New Member

    Im just messin with ya cane.

    Regarding the taxes in NH. My uncle used to live in MA but has moved to NH. He has a slightly above average home and land, and he says after everything is said and done, he pays just a LITTLE less in taxes in NH. The property tax is what gets him the most.
  9. bkt

    bkt New Member

    New Hampshire for me. Gun laws are way less strict than in New York and it's nowhere near as bad with the commie-hippie contingent as Vermont. Besides, if you want to visit Vermont, it's not like it's a long drive....
  10. Bighead

    Bighead Member

    So if you rented in New Hampshire would you avoid taxes all together?
  11. dnthmn2004

    dnthmn2004 New Member

    Technically, maybe. If you do avoid property tax by renting, I'm sure the landlord would calculate that into the rent.
  12. jeepcreep927

    jeepcreep927 Active Member

    Vermont definitely. Not just because I live there either (currently at Ft. Sill, OK). The liberal hippies are mostly imports from Mass, Connecticut and New Jersey, and are by and large clustered in Chittenden County and Windsor County. With the vast majority of the state being rural, it's easy to stay clear of anyone you don't care to associate with.

    The very loose gun control laws have never, in my memory, been challenged on a state level either. It seems there are still some things sacred there.
  13. biff44

    biff44 New Member

    I would be a little nervous moving to NH! A lot of MA-holes move over the boarder to NH. Then they start b**ching about how loose the gun laws are, and start voting their mind. NH has a very real chance of going the way of MA/ME in its gun laws. VT has soooo few gun laws, that they have a whole lot farther of a way to go. I would suspect that 10 years from now, VT will still be a whole lot less restrictive than NH.

    WILDCATT Guest


    noo. I lost my way to NH and landed in south carolina.you want to hunt?
    sep 1 to jan 1,unlimited bucks,no game stations,just load the truck and go to processor or do it yourself.you really need to have your own land.I have 90 acres,$70,000.shoot out mu front door.have(had) 4 deer in freezer.after 65
    $50,000 of assed value.my taxes $200 land house and garage,fishing in the lakes all year.gun laws liberal.toss pistol in glove compartment,to buy just the federal check.every one has a shotgun in the truck all the time.you may have to filther the naborhood.:rolleyes: :eek: :D
  15. Fayettedave

    Fayettedave New Member

    Been there, done that with both states - 2 years in VT and 12 in NH. Moved to Georgia 18 years ago and will never (willingly) move back North.

    I suppose if you put a gun to my head and made me choose I would have to say VT because there is a lot of truth to what biff is saying:

    ...and on top of that its too freakin' cold! Battleship gray skies overhead for months at a time. :(
  16. altmf

    altmf New Member

    I have a similar dilemma. I'm in Western MA. the taxes here suck. starting wages for what I do are about 5 to 8 dollars an hour more anywhere else. The gun laws are made to be confusing to scare people away from firearm ownership. My girlfriend wants to move to florida (born again christian in-laws). I told her we should move to VT. She put her foot down fast; "Winters are cold enough in MA, do you really want to move further north?" I told her about their very lax gun laws. She could care less.

    She wants to be able to have her mom watch our two little ones (for free) as opposed to $600+ a month for daycare. Plus we would both make a ton more money any where else. I just want out of MA.
  17. johnsteele

    johnsteele New Member

    But, but it snows in both of them :) My wife and I are planning a move to Savannah at the end of this year.
  18. altmf

    altmf New Member

    I found another reason to leave mass. Our governor Devil Patrick wants to raise our tax on gasoline to $.51 per gallon. making it the highest gas tax in America.
    WOW. I don't know what to say.
  19. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    Kennedy would be reason enough for me.
  20. hunter Joe

    hunter Joe New Member

    I haven't any desire to move to either state. I'm actually considering the planet Mercury. Less wages, better fellow workers.