Which Savage?

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    I have been looking for a new deer rifle and have narrowed my caliber to the 270 WSM but I cant decide on the gun. I'm looking at a Savage 11/111 FCNS and the Savage 16/116 FCSS. If your not familiar with the guns here are the links to each. Any experience, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Asking what rifle is suitable for you,is as asking what girl should you Marry,only you can decide your personal hunting rifle,hunting conditions only being one of them..

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  3. Txhillbilly

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    Really the only difference between those two models is the finish. The model 11 is blued steel,and the 16 is all stainless steel.
    Both have the Accu-stock,Accu-trigger,and a detachable box magazine. Either one would be a nice rifle,it all depends on the finish you like best.
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    I have a model 11 270 WSM it is a fine shooter with both factory ammo and handloads, no accustock or anything fancy like that but shoots good regardless. I will end up replacing the stock soon, not for any accuracy issues but because mine is a rare bird with iron sights and no rifle looks right with old school sights and a plastic stock, every time I look at it it is just begging for some walnut. If you want a super 270 WSM consider the Tikka also, ask anyone who owns one they will tell you. I have a Tikka 6.5x55 and to call it a tack driver is an understatement, it shoots one smooth hole groups with cheap hunting bullets.