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    Hi. Thankyou everyone who responded to my posts and helped me with my first AR build. Today it finally got assembled; PSA pencil profile midlength, S&W lower, PSA LBK, Spikes f/a carrier courtesy of a friend, BCM medium charging handle, and a Magpul handguard to replace the cylindrical one that came on the upper. I am short a rear sight, and not wanting to be too spendy here. I will most likely mount a nice airgun scope which I already have, 3-9x40, but would like a rear sight as well. The front sight is standard. Any advice? Thanx again folks, tk
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    Cheap side, go with Magpul MBUS. They are lightweight. Made of polymer.

    If you can double that amount, go with the Troy Industries Folding rear battlesight. Made of steel. I currently have one branded with Spikes logo. I won't ever buy Magpul again. Troy is more rugged and reliable IMO.

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    I had a troy and several magpuls and a set of diamond head. Favorite is magpul. I like the fact if u do drop the gun sights down or hit the front hard it folds and pops back up. Hit the troy front like that it will never be the same since they lock in the up position. To each their own but if the troys functioned like the magpuls I would have all troys. There just plain durable and operate best for me . Now I'm not talking about the crap pts stuff either. We bought a set to compare and they are not made of the same poly. The front pin was plastic. The molds were crap and they didnt clean the flashing up on them either . I'm not even sure I would use the pts parts on airsoft stuff.
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    For the money you can't beat the MBUS 2 rear sight. I have three and no complaints.