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  1. HM2Grunt

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    Which 9mm bullet type is best for home defense in town?

    With a bullet that;

    1. does the job, and stops the threat?

    2. does not leave my house and strike my sleeping neighbor.

    3. does not give the county's DA with the thought that: I
    acted in malice, towards another human( forget the fact
    that the person you shot was in your house and posed a
    threat), by using the most devastating bullet devised
    by the sick mind of man, in other words My bullet choice
    in the use of deadly force,on force, was not over kill.

    Any thoughts?

    I know that Uncle Joe would just fire a shot gun in the air...
  2. rn-cindy

    rn-cindy Active Member

    I use 124gr Federal HST in my 9mm for HD/SD. But its almost 1/2 mile to the next house over, so im not too worried about that.

  3. JonM

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    A good shoot is a good shoot. People don't get prosecuted because of the bullet they used unless your doing something heinous to begin with.

    9mm isn't a great hd round if penetration is an issue. 9mm is a penetrator type round it goes a ways. The only one I would use if Concerned about op would be the one listed below

    Good hd rounds that aren't terrible over penetrating rounds:
    00buck 12/20 gauge
    223/556 55grain hornady vmax
    45acp 230grain
    9mm 147grain
    Fn 5.7

    The recipe is less than 1000fps
    Or lightweight fast rapid expansion bullets.
  4. DrFootball

    DrFootball disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED... Lifetime Supporter

    Also some lighter bullets that are made not to over penetrate..like the Fiocchi MonoBlock 92Gr. Expansion round..

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  5. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    How well can you hit with the 9mm?

    You can get a .50 BMG, but if you cannot hit with it, it does you no good to stop the problem.

    Shot placement is more important than type of bullet in most cases. The 9mm used by the military is designed to wound, not kill. And over penetration is desired in a war environment.

    Almost any 9mm in a JHP is preferred for the street.
  6. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    my biggest concern with any ammo used for SD/HD purposes is simple. does it work reliabily? it's amount of penetration, or expansion or it's accuracy are only secondary factors for me. i choose to use what works each and every time the trigger is pulled. next is working on shot placement. if you have good shot placement, IMO that makes the bullets job easier, regardless of what type or brand. also most any major brand of JHP 9mm is usually going to work well and will be fine if it feeds well in your pistol. my personal preference are the Speer Gold Dots in 124 gr. for short barreled pistols.
  7. Doc3402

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    The answer to your question could very well depend on what you are shooting it out of. Wound balllistic results could be very different if you are comparing the same round through a 5 inch barrel and a 2 inch barrel.
  8. JolietGunner

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    Thats why I have a 12 gauge with 00 buckshot no worries...

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  9. DrFootball

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    Well enough, but if I could have a carbine, or a 30cal. Of some sort, I would employ that. I prefer distance if I can.
    Wanted a Barrett for ever, but the cheapest semi is north of 8K, and the bolt actions are 5K & up. Thinking 338 Lapua now, but that ammo is expensive too..still learning and re-Learning shotgun stuff, but there too, I have always preferred a Semi auto to any other method of actuation. I learned on my Dad's A5 and my Uncle's Remington 11....

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  10. ams556

    ams556 New Member

    1. As stated, shot placement is often more critical than the round itself. But obviously a JHP or frangible type round is typically most efficient.

    2.This will depend on your situation. Is it 10 feet between the neighbors house and yours? Is it 100? Is there anything between them that would help stop a bullet? What's your home construction? A modular home with very thin materials, or a standard Timber framed home or is there some form of stone used. It seems to me that most situations you may run into someone has done testing of sorts and posted it on YouTube or similar sites. I know I can find ballistic gel tests for every SD/HD round I have. I have also found people shooting, the fridge, washing machine ect. Do some searching and you should be able to have an educated idea what each round may do inside your home.

    3. I think this is an issue that shouldn't arise but with recent politics I do understand the concern. I currently avoid the gimmick named rounds, I wouldn't want to have to explain why I used the "man killer 3000" but considering officers are carrying hollow points and frangible rounds I don't see how you could be beat up too bad for doing the same.

    Lastly I had a similar discussion with a coworker who mentioned his gun club had brought in a group of lawyers to discuss SD/HD situations an he said that it is more common than not that even when everything is 100% justified it will still cost you $8000-10000 in legal fees confirming your innocence.
  11. eatmydust

    eatmydust New Member

    I have to agree with rn-cindy's choice here, the best bullet to use is the most effective. From what I have found(no I don't do my own FBI criteria testing), the Federal 124 gr. HST is the most consistent performer in the 9mm loadings available on the market today. If you know how your bullet is likely to perform, you can use your best judgement on ballistics of the round.


    Here's another good option if you're worried about over penetration.

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  12. txpossum

    txpossum New Member

    The .45 caliber kind.
  13. ams556

    ams556 New Member


    That would be my preference but I think you may have problem when you try to load it in a 9mm gun :p
  14. Point6liter

    Point6liter New Member

    I use 147gr. Hornady XTP muzzle velocity is approximately 975 FPS. I also have 115gr Cor-Bon JHP's and they are 1350 FPS, and Winchester PDX1 124gr that are 1095 FPS. Gotta cover all the bases right?