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    Just joined and I love forums as I think you get the best info from people who know. Here's the deal gun guy all my life owned lots but am mostly a hand gun type. My gun of choice is the 45 auto. I am soon planning on going full time in a motorhome. I have taken the Utah CFP and passed with a C+ (okay I'm kidding about the C+) And have for the first time decided to carry full time where legal. I have also done several S/D hand gun courses at the local range. Rule of thumb for me has always been carry the biggest thing you can use with accuracy. At the, range instuctor (Ex Mil, Police officer, Author) agrees but..... brings a valid point if you carry you should do so always. IE don't put your seatbelt on on Tuesday because that is the day when the least accidents occur --The 45 auto's I have are not practicle for CC. The instructor sez 38+P revlover or 380 auto is smallest to count on. After all the crap I have posted above I need your oppinon(s) on

    How big Cal?
    Auto for (capacity)
    Revolver for (reliability)
    Carry where (on me) & best way?
    Weight of package?

    Last of all I'm old 55
    Very Cute
    But not very big so lugging a 1911 in a shoulder holster is not the point.

    If it's a gun battle I can lure them back to the motor home and use the shotgun, the Judge with 410 shells or the 30cal Ruger with the big clip.

    I need guidence on a all the time gun pocket type rig I can count on.

    And last but not least... I can't see crap for the first 15 inches. Distance is no problem, so a laser sight is a must.

    Thanks to all of you who I know will help
    I'm very thick skinned so if any my assumptions are wrong feel free to point them out (wife does it all the time)

  2. danf_fl

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    Age has nothing to do with what you carry.
    I try to plan on what, where, when, and who I may come across.

    I have a 10mm DW-CBOB, a .45ACP Ed Brown Kobra Carry, a H&K PSP P7 in 9mm, a PPK/s in .380, and a snub nosed .38Spl revolver. (That is for carry)

    The other firearm systems for home and camper are of bigger persuasion.

    Some co-workers have been buying the Diamond Back semi-auto in .380 and 9mm.

    I would suggest that you go to a couple of places and try different handguns. Remember that picking one up in the store is not the same as shooting it on the range.

  3. Rick1967

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    I have several guns that I carry on a regular basis. If I had to pick just one it would be my J frame. It is an Airweight. 38+p 5 shot snubby. I often carry a 45. But in the summer when I wear shorts and a light t shirt that J frame rides in a pocket holster. It just disapears.
  4. Neophyte1

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    Revolver= All Around

    Dashell: Sir, you ask some interesting questions. ''What''

    a given- one size doesn't fit all occasions

    a given- ''what'' to carry

    In my application/s .380 for pocket carry while traveling. Inside ''car'' I carry J-frame SW 638 .38 revolver

    When traveling hunting, .357 revolver

    Different area /40 Glock/ 9mm Glock

    At times .45

    seems! everything is a compromise.

    I like the revolver idea ''as'' my personal all around.

    In a big gun fight; I hope to be in the next county
  5. JTJ

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    Have you ever tried to get a gun out of your pocket while seated in a car? Having the pistol under my thigh saved my butt. I would not have been able to get the gun out of my pocket or a strong side holster in time. Either put a 2nd very accessible weapon in the car or take it out of your pocket and put it where you can get it quickly. I carry cross draw when I have heavier clothes because it is to hard to draw any other way in a car.
    I pocket carry a 9mm Kel-Tec P11 in the summer. It or one of the bigger pistols goes on the belt when clothing permits. I only carry my P3AT when I cant carry any thing else.
    There are a lot of small frame pistols out there and some of them are hard to shoot more than a couple of magazines. Same goes for the light snubby revolvers. In shooting situation you wont notice the recoil but they can be miserable for practice. The revolver have the advantage of being able to digest lighter loads or just about anything you feed them. I am looking at getting a light snubby myself.
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    My husband is 5'10 and only 135 pounds soaking wet, a VERY small framed man, but with the proper belt, posture, holster, and attire he can carry a full sized semi-automatic pistol with ease (and no, he does not have to wear a three piece suit. First, you need to examine your attire. Do you wear mostly loose fitting t-shirts? Tight fitting? Can you stand up straight? Do you own a GOOD strong leather belt? The ideal place of carry in my opinion is at the hip. This allows easy access to your weapon 90% of the time, athough, I do agree with JTJ in saying that you need a second firearm readily accessible in your vehicle. If you are wearing loose fitting clothing, you have a good belt, and correct posture, you are doing great, get you a good holster to match your weapon. That said. You say you are familiar with firearms. Do you feel confident that you could correct a malfunctioning semi-auto in a moment of distress? If you don't feel absolutely confident that you could I would definitely go with a revolver. Were I my husbands size or larger I would go with a Smith and Wesson 686 with whatever length barrel you can conceal (this is just my personal preference.) It's a .357 that will also shoot your 38 special, both nice calibers that will get the job done. Crimson trace makes lasergrips to fit this weapon. If you are bent on a semi-auto you need to decide whether you will have the coordination in a fight or flight scenario to flick off a safety switch, if you are not confident that you are capable I would go for (my personal favorite) a sig 229 (40 cal), a very accurate smooth shooting compact firearm. If you feel the need for a thumb safety you may go for something like a CZ 75B (9mm) (another favorite) and if you need to go the extra mile and have an additional safety, a 1911, possible a Dan Wesson Bobtail classic (10 mm) or a Kimber Eclipse Custom II (10mm or 45 auto). As you can see your options are nearly limitless, and without more information about you and your lifestyle it is hard to tell you exactly what gun will suit your needs.

    As a side note I have found that a leather holster conceals better than a plastic, or nylon holster. Galco and Don Hume are great.
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  7. Dashell

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    I took the advice and went the range where I'm a member, tried 2 small frame revolvers in 38+P and two 380 autos. This is a teaching range and the people are very expierianced. After about and hour of disscusion after shooting I went with SW with the factory insight laser. Also added an in pocket holster and a couple of speed loaders.

    In closing thanks to all who viewed and replied. Now it's back to the range for lot's of practice and a couple of courses.

    Thanks again
  8. Neophyte1

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    Good Decision

    Dashell: Sir, good decision:)

    follow up with some range reports and Pictures:) when you can. Thanks
  9. Scratchammo

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    I'm sitting in a guard shack right now with a Ruger SR9C loaded with Speer Gold Dots.
  10. therewolf

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    I usually carry a full-size, just because I don't like small pistols.

    You already lose accuracy and muzzle velocity going from a

    rifle to a pistol.

    I also prefer a cross draw for CCW, for a couple of reasons.

    It's much more inconspicuous when you start a draw, or have your

    hand on the gun, you don't have that holster-draw "cocked" wrist.

    My paradigm stems from an intense dislike of tailoring my life to

    criminals, and only wanting full-size pistols I can shoot accurately at the range.
  11. Spider

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    Nicely put, therewolf. The only difference in my thinking/experience is that my snubby just wields faster by a split second than my 5 and 6 inch barrel guns... so, the snubby it is for sd.
  12. WDB

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    I would agree with Rick, I carry a S&W M&P 45 most of the time. When the weather is warm I carry a S&W 642 (J frame airweight). When I'm driving I put my pistol in the door pouch, more comfrontable for me and easier to access with a seat bealt on.
  13. JonM

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    my three sd guns im proficient with all of them:

    bersa thunder 380


    colt new agent 45acp


    colt series 70 45acp


    right now wis can only legally open carry. ccw is coming very very very soon and choice of firearm for me will depend on clothing and what sort of ccw we get. im hoping for open carry and conceal carry which will let me carry my series 70 pretty much full time since printing or accidental showing wont be an issue
  14. ki4dmh

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    Good choice
  15. Scratchammo

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    I agree that the .38 snub is a reputable weapon however, I'd step up to a .357 snub & continue using .38 +P. It's good to know you can fire a spare caliber, especially one that can drop a bear. I'm referring to the ammo drought for those who don't remember.
  16. therewolf

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    Hey Spider, it's still good. CCW choice is personal. I prefer the extra size,

    because I'm just not that fast, anyway. What I am is very alert.

    You hear this HD gun this, HD gun that. Let's look at HD very carefully for

    a second, did somebody say BREAK into my house? As in BREAK a door

    or window molding or glass? I will beat them to death with the nearest blunt

    object, they don't deserve to be shot.

    Like I said, it's all very personal...
  17. Spider

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    Hopefully you'll never suffer such a break in.. and hopefully if anybody does there is no firearm in the hand of the perp.