Which one do I buy?????

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    I have been looking into buying a suppressor for over a year now. I have read numerous articals, and what I could find on the www. My question is this, I want to put a quality suppressor on my AR, but which one do I buy? Some of the cans come from well makers and cost only $450 and yet some are up in the $1,600 range. If I am going to take the time to do the paperwork and wait the 6 months for it to come back, and spend this kind of money, I want something good! Which ones do you guys like, and why?
    Thanks for any advice you can give me..
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    I went with the AAC M4-2000. My local dealer had it in stock & I was able to do a try before you buy with their demos. It fits over the flash suppressor and can be attached in about 5 seconds. Mine uses the Phantom flash suppressor, it can also use the newer model Blackout if desired. It's a ratchet type quick attach system that also keeps the suppressor from coming unscrewed, this was a very important feature for me. It's FA rated. Makes my AR sound like a .22 rifle.

    Advanced Armament Corporation - M4-2000


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    For price, quality and nice QD system I would recommend looking at Yankee Hill Machine. Great products with a lifetime warranty.

    They are my best sellers.
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    Tiger - That is one good looking SUR your have there. I hope you are on my side of the mountains when the Space Zombies come....:p

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    WOW,,,,I am HURT! My brother JD comments on my thread, but doesnt even say hi, or offer his advice????????

    Just kidding JD, I hope all is well with you.

    Tiger< I have been looking at AAC, and the YHM. I think I will go with either one of those co.

    To every one else, please keep the comments comming, I want to hear from as many as I can, before I lay down the money and invest the time to do this.

    Thanks all