Which of these 2 AR's would you pick?

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    Off the top of my head, Hornady (110 And I think 120), SSA, and Remington. I took a calipers to the groups: 1.97" and 2.25" for the Hornady. I was just over an inch on the DPMS so I don't think it's me
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    The frustrating part is that the accuracy is good enough for what I need it's just not as good as I want

  3. Sniper03

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    Shopfox I agree with Locutus!
    Save your coins and buy better or build better. I would not recommend either of the ones you pictured. And I certainly have concerns for the Bear Brand Rifle.
    The barrel on it is the best material available. BUT the Gas Port size they put in it being .093 is entirely too large. It should be close to .063. Normally a 10" Barrel utilizes around a .093 barrel gas port! That large unless they are utilizing a Heavier Buffer could cause the rifle pictured to have malfunctions by being Over Gassed. So the one member here who advise of Bears Quality Control may have been on target by them using too large of a gas port hole.
    Maybe, that is why the rifle is so cheap. They may have purchased some barrels from someone who mistakenly put the wrong size gas port in the 16" barrels. And later sold them to Bear cheap to get rid of them! Only a thought!
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    Neither of those offerings excite me, i would spend a bit more and get a quality piece, there are untold AR deals right now on normally high end rifles. A colt 6720 lightweight is usually priced very reasonable and is same as 6920 but with a light weight barrel. Smith and Wesson Sport II or entry Ruger are better than your listings and not much more expensive.
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    I like the Bear for the Wylde barrel will be more accurate and you can shoot 223 or 5.56-45
  6. jackrich3

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    Any AR with the notched barrel gets me steamed. What, does it come with a 40mm M203 option? I learned a long time ago about the importance of barrel harmonics, and that notch has gotta mess with that. JMO.
  7. harkersislandnc

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    Bear Creek was formerly Moores Machine Company and made hands down the worst rifles I have ever seen. Run Away.
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    It would depend on how you plan to use the rifle. If you plan to use it for long distance target plinking and hunting up to deer I would choose the rifle having a 1:7 rifle twist as this twist will stabilize the heavier bullets up to 80 grains that would be adequate for deer a lot better. It may stabilize bullets up to 90 grains but than the AR becomes a single shot rifle because the bullet will not fit in the magazine, may also apply for the 80 grainers depending on bullet design. I use 75 grain Hornady bullets on my 1:8 twist and have taken deer with this bullet.

    If you plan to do a lot of varmint shooting like ground squirrels and rabbits and such or just general plinking than I would purchase the rifle with the 1:9 twist that will stabilize the light bullets starting out at 35 grains. Decide what twist suits you best and the $50 difference in rifles will be very well spent or saved.
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