Which Makes More Sense?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by ladypackingheat, May 7, 2007.

  1. ladypackingheat

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    If reduced recoil loadings are simply not available, which make more sense for a 12 gauge 18" barrelled HD shotgun with a fixed cyclinder choke?

    2 3/4" 9-pellet 00 buckshot loads or 2 3/4" 1 1/8oz brenneke slugs?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. aslocumb

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    If you are talking self-defense, you are talking very short ranges so you won’t have a dispersion of the pellets. I would use a standard trap load that will be deadly with a much-reduced danger of collateral damage.

  3. allmons

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    From real world shootings I've seen,

    I would go with the buckshot. Much better chance of hitting vital areas with shot.

    Several years ago ( all of my friends are going, "Oh, no! Not that story again ), I received a patient via EMS transport who had been shot with a .357magnum handgun. There was an entrance and exit wound, but he lived.

    What's my point? Well, 9 pellets at close range is better than one large hole.

    Contrary to the movies, even dying perps can run and shoot and stab. Ask any hunter who shot an Elk or deer through the heart and watched in amazement when it ran away. Sure, some drop immediately, but not all.

    You want to shoot to stop the threat NOW. Buckshot has my vote.
  4. EagleSix

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    In general I would recommend buckshot over slugs. However that is a broad generalization which doesn’t account for varying factors we should consider if time and access permit.

    Primary for me is reliability, that is; unless it is a break top action, will the shotgun cycle reliably with the ammo I am feeding it.

    Next is the point-of-aim/point-of-impact (contrary to popular belief we should aim a shotgun not just point it). I would prefer them to be the same out to 40 yards, but at least have to know the difference.

    After that what is the shot pattern regardless of projectile quantity at various distance increments out to 40-50 yards.

    Out of those ammo brands and loadings which excel at reliability, Point-of-Aim/Point-of-Impact and even/tight patterns, I will select the ones which provides the best minimum power I feel will provide the destruction intended. A list of good, better, best or my first choice, second choice, third choice develops a list of ammo I will prefer if it is available.

    As a static standard load I also like to have at least two loadings in the gun, mostly buck shot and one or some slugs. Or, have alternative loadings in a side saddle to select from.

    The very best 12 gauge ammo I have tested is Federal Tactical 70mm 2 ¾” 00 buck with a FliteControl wadding listed at 1145 fps velocity (LE132 00). To my knowledge this is only available to the law enforcement market.

  5. Brent L

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    Buckshot over slug for self defense.oo or #4 buck.
  6. Splatter

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    For shooting what?
    Like Aslocumb, I'd recommend a trap load for indoor defense.
    For deer, unless you are very close the slugs, esp, the Brennekes with their nice sharp shoulder, are much more effective.