Which mag would be a better choice for me?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by scott92, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. scott92

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    I have done my research at cabelas and have narrowed down my results to the Browning® A-Bolt II Hunter, Remington Model 700, Ruger® M77® Hawkeye®, The only help i need is deciding on the type of mag to get. the Caliber is .300 but i'm not too sure on the Win, WSM, or the Ultra Mag. So if someone could tell me the difference or tell me which one to get... I hunt mainly in the field on flat terrain and shoot usually at 250+ yards for whitetail. but I also want to be able to make the shots in the mountains of CO at Elk and Moose. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. jpattersonnh

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    Why a .300 mag? Most people I know that use a magnum will never take a shot past 300 yards. At that range a magnum is not required. For whitetail or moose I use a 6.5x55 and would not be undergunned for Elk at reasonable distances. Bullet construction is the key. I do have a 7mm Remington Magnum that I bought many years ago. At the time 175gr were the norm for Elk, but with the better constructed bullets we now have I opt for a 140 or 160gr with the 140 being the norm. The lighter of the 2 holds its own out to 400 yards. It is only then that the 160 starts to have an advantage in energy.
    If I did not own it already, I would not buy one now. If you truely "need" a .30 caliber mag, I would stay with the old long case version. Ammo will be easier to find. Be warned, it packs a serious wallop to the shooter w/ heavy bullets. Best of luck, JP

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    Most of the feed back I'm seeing says the "short mag" is not the same. unlike what
    the liberals push less is actually - Less. EXCEPT for price. In my area, the short & ultra
    mags run around $20 more per box. And as stated above, availability of the short mag is bad around here.

    While advertised as the same ballistically with less powder, field reports / actual user
    comments say it isn't. All for around 1/2 inch less bolt movement. My money would go to the standard mag.
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    The 300 RUM is one big round. I have a buddy that shoots one. It is like lighting off Thunder shooting next to that thing.

    I myself would go with the 7mm rem mag or 300 win mag.
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    I have shot the rem Ultra Mag in .375 and it was uncomfortable to say the least. I usualy don't mind recoil but , I would hate to put a box through to sight it in.
    The 300 is a smaller bullit and lighter round but I would emagine it too would be uncomfortable.
    My 2 cents F.K.