Which M700 do I buy?

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    Hello Ladies and Gents, this is my first time to post on here becauseI just joined your site and I am proud to be here. I am in Afghanistan now fighting the ground war with my fellow light fighters of the 10th Mountain Division, and I plan on getting a long range hunting rifle when I return home. I am a big fan of Remington M700, so I have been looking at three models in .300 WIN MAG. Not .300 Ultra Mag.
    The 3 models are the XCR Tactical Long Range, the Sendero and the Varmint models, all in the same caliber. I have taken notice of the difference in barrel designs, fluted vs bull barrel. I do not think the fluted barrels are thick like the varmint, but I may be wrong. I want to be comfortable shooting out to 700 meters with the weapon system. I do want a thumbhole stock, but they must be put on aftermarket. Please take the time to read this post and give me a good reply.

    Climb to Glory, 10th Mountain.
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    Someone else will be along to help. I just wanted to welcome you and thank you for your service.