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  1. martinbixler

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    hello, I am ready to start a new project, (hunting coyotes) and would like some input. should I go with a .223, or .308? I live in Michigan so it wont be real long shots. The rifles in mind are a Savage Axis or the Remington 700VTR. (I kind of like its appearance) Any replies will be appreciated, thank you.
  2. ScottA

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    I moved it to the hunting forum.

    My 2 cents: My nephew and I use .223/5.56. But I'm hardly an expert.

  3. bamashooter68

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    I dont see me shooting a yote at distances that would exceed the .223/5.56's reach. The .223 is plenty capable of cleanly killing the coyote out to 300+yrds. I wouldnt shoot past that even if I had a .308. Just my .02
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    new project

    I think a .223 is
  5. richone

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    I thick a .223 is just the right gun for what you are going to be hunting . I have a rem. .223 bolt action myself . Hunt safe ! Richone:)
  6. stoneam2006

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    Mossberg MVP is great rifle what i use myself if 308 us what you decide Mossberg night train is real nice to
  7. tri70

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    I like 223 also with low recoil it will improve your shooting skills for deer season and larger calibers.
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    Different rifles...the VTR is a pound heavier than the Axis. The Axis would be a better field rifle. The VTR is borderline benchrest. Personally, I like the Ruger Hawkeye M77 all-weather stainless and I'd get it in .243 so it would serve as a coyote or for larger game like deer and hogs. My opinion of course.
  9. Sniper03

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    I think the real consideration is are you going to hunt other game with the rifle as deer for example. Maybe you already have a deer rifle? If you do then that settles it in my mind regarding ruling out the 308. If you do not you have a deer rated rifle you might want to consider the 308 or 243 for Deer and Coyotes if you do not. A 223/5.56 is more than adequate to shoot Coyotes with and especially at the close ranges 200 yards and in. We kill a lot of Coyotes and Pigs with the 223/5.56 round each year. Counting the week and a half last year and the week and half this year we have killed 33 Coyotes at least 12 pigs and 4 Bobcats mostly with the 223/5.56 cal in an AR Rifle platform. But as I stated if you want a good Coyote Killer and a Deer Rifle for versatility you might want to go with the 308 or 243 Win. Cal. But as you can see the 223/5.56 cal would be just fine for Coyotes. The other serious consideration at this time due to the fear of Obama and any weapon ban on the ARs 223/5.56 ammunition is like pulling teeth to find at this time and getting more and more expensive as the days go by. 308 follows it closely at the present! The shelves at the stores and dealers are empty. So maybe a 243 Win. or a 22-250 Rem. would be a better choice at the present. The demand is not out of sight on those to great calibers for Coyote hunting and of course the 243 would double as a Deer Rifle.
    Good Luck on your selection. Either rifle would be a good choice!:)

  10. Control

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    Welcome to the forum.

    What kind of rifle hunting might you do besides coyotes? Here in the North East I just use my deer rifles or in the summer a varmint rifle. A special rifle is not needed in my view.

    A 308 would fill the big game hunting need if you might also hunt deer or other big game with a rifle. The 223 would be ok for small pests. It's not even legal for deer in many places. It's small round was selected so as to wound the enemy as that creates more difficulty than killing one.

    I am not a aficionado of the Rem's economy design. The extractors snap off and the bolts fall off.

    However the rifle does have that AR look about it that's all the rage with some.

    What with it's lack of a decent three position safety and CRF I would not have one.

  11. cottontop

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    With all due respect to the OP, I don't really understand your comparative way of thinking. Comparing the .223 to the .308 is like asking "Which vehicle should I drive; a Volkswagen Beetle or a Hummer? They are totally different and miles apart. That being said, if I wanted a rifle just for coyotes, I would choose the .223 (or a similar .22 caliber cartridge, even the .22 Hornet) or one of the .24 or .25 calibers.
  12. unclebear

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    I'm going to go out here on a limb and say why not the 22-250, I like the axis came real close to buy one a few times but money was needed else where. I cousin has a TC oncor in the 22-250 the bullet really doesnt drop all that much is fast as hell and pretty damn accurate from his rifle pretty much all around good round for varmint. I imagine that there are probably better rounds out there but I love this cartridge just for what it does.

    But if I had to choose between the 223 and a 308 I would go with the 308 just because it's also a good deer round. But trying to compare the two is like said miles apart it's like comparing the AK to the m16 just completely two different things from two different areas. The 308 is good for deer and people and the reason the military uses it is because it has consistent drop which makes it more easily calculable and the 223 is flatter shooting but has less range and not to mention harder to find at this point in time because everyone that had money to do so bought as much of it as possible recently same with 7.62x39.
  13. ultimate-soldier5

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    i usually call em in within a hundred yards and shoot em with my .17hmr but sometimes i use a 223
  14. John_Deer

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    If you don't have a deer rifle I would get a 308. Have a decent deer rifle get the 223. There is always the venerable 25/06, 270 to get the best of both worlds.
  15. Sonic82

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    Yeah...well that's a crock. It's the most popular design in history. When you have as many rifles out there as there are 700's it's natural to have more defects. I bet there is more broken down Ford F 150's than there are Toyota Tundras.
  16. JimRau

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    Of the two I would go with the 223, BUT this is where the 243/6mm really shines. It is one of the best long range varmint calibers out there.;)
    You may want to consider the 243 over both the 223 and the 308!:D
  17. kfox75

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    I would have to say go for a .223. I currently use a mini 14, and i have no problem hitting the kill zone on a coyote out 250 yards.

    In the past I have used .223 sabots in a .270 and a .30-06 for longer shots (350 yards plus) but that was only for hte ones that were too smart to come into bow range. A .223 will should work well for you.
  18. bigdaddy573

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    I would look really hard at a 22-250 or 243 like others have said you get best of both worlds with 243 and if you get in a tight spot both are great for longer shots 300-450 yard not saying you try that but it fun to target shoot at those ranges and see how tight you can get your groups