which is more accurate, the Marlin 60 or the Ruger 10/22 with regular barrel?

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    I am on the market for an new .22 semi-auto rifle. I owned a marlin 60 when I was a kid and it shot very accurate but I always hated the tube magazine. I traded it for a new Ruger 10/22 Carbine (short barrel 16.5 inch) and lost accuracy. I love the 10/22 action but want accuracy, so I was wondering if I may have just gotten a lemon, or if maybe the regular 10/22 barrel(18.5 inch) is a lot more accurate. Can anyone help me with my decision? Thanks!
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    From my experience with both they are pretty equal out of the box,with the Marlin having maybe a little better accuracy. If you have a 10/22 now,you might want to get an aftermarket barrel or find a used 10/22T takeoff barrel and stock for a heavy .920" barrel. I love the accuracy of my 10/22T,it is the most accurate semi-auto 22lr that I have ever owned,but almost any bolt action will be more accurate than a regular barreled semi-auto. THB

  3. Clem

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    Match barrels are available for the 10-22 in standard and heavy barrel configurations. If you don't want to replace or modify your current stock, you could get a standard weight barrel. It should shoot much better than a standard 10-22 barrel, which also doubles as a crowbar.

    Take a look at this.

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    Remember......ammo selection also plays an important role for accuracy. I've had a Marlin 65, and currently own two 10/22 target models (HB's). I think you'll find the 10/22's more modular and better with a wide variety of ammo compared to anything else. In my opinion of course.
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    There's a general concensus on most of the forums I read that the Marlin has better out of box accuracy than the 10/22. The big draw of the 10/22 is the gazillion after-market items available for it. It's pretty much an if you can dream it, you can do it proposition with the 10/22. If your not into customizing your rifle, a Marlin 60 is tough to beat.
    As an aside, my BIL had just bought a 10/22 and was a wee bit uppity about the superiority of his rifle compared to my 30+ year old model 60.
    This was his face after my model 60 shot rings around his 10/22: :( .
    I let him off the hook by telling him his could be even more accurate than mine by doing a little customizing.

    I just started a thread on another forum about tube fed rifles. Most have never had or even heard of a problem with things like seriously denting the tube. The 60's tube is steel and not easily dented by dropping. Mine has seen so much field time I can't even give an honest estimate because it's been through the hands of most of the male members of my family since the 70's.
    The biggest beef with the tube fed magazine was loading it. That little issue is easily dealt with using this:
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    Both from long time rimfire owner/fan, and gunsmith/design standpoint, The Ruger 10/22 wins over the Marlin 60 by a landslide. There's so many advantages in favor of the 10/22 there's not even an comparison IMO.