which is better cartridge for target shooting ?

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  1. sharpshooterbjp

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    Which of the 4 cartridges is most accurate for target shooting
    1 CCI stinger hollow point.
    2 CCI round nose.
    3 Eley.
    4 Lapua?
  2. SSGN_Doc

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    Get a few of each and run them through your gun and see what it likes.

    One of mine really likes Wolf Match. Another prefers Federal Gold Medal, and a third gun likes Eley.

  3. Overkill0084

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    1. Skip the stingers if your serious about groups.
    2. CCI round nose what? They make a few.
    Mini Mags-accurate by High velocity standards
    AR tactical - :rolleyes: Just how "Tactical" can a .22 LR be?
    Quiet .22
    Blazer - HV plinking ammo.
    Green Tag - Target ammo
    Pistol match -Target ammo
    Select - Target ammo
    3. Eley. Which one? They are known for their target ammo, but they also make ammo for less demanding usage. Black Box and Tenex are typically great.
    4. Lapua. No experience with it. I would expect it to be quality stuff considering the price and Lapua's reputation.

    Is this going to be for "no-kidding" competitive hole punching? If so, I recommend that you speak with a friendly ammo dealer. Buy a few boxes of each, find out which one shoots the best in your gun, then buy a case or three of that brand/lot#. Lot #'s do matter. I recall seeing one lot of Black Box that couldn't hang with a good batch of Mini Mags. Another lot was one ragged hole at 100 meters all day.
    If you are going to be running this stuff through a serious target rig, take the time, get it right.
    If this is about bragging rights with your 10-22, Mini Mags will probably do the job. Of the high velocity stuff out there, I've typically found it to be very good.
    To help narrow the field a bit, attend a match in the discipline your interested in. See what works well for the shooters with similar equipment. It might save some time & money.
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  4. sharpshooterbjp

    sharpshooterbjp New Member

    Thnx bro for your suggestion
  5. hardluk1

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    Just try some of the differnt Match ammos at or under 10 bucks per 50 rounds to see what your likes. Wolf and sk are loaded by Lapua. Wolf MT and ME are priced like SK. SK Price's run between 5.00 for standard + to 7.00 rifle match for the better
    Federal 719 and 711B shoot well enought in many guns and the 922A is loaded by RWS at a bit better price and runs closer to 10 bucks

    Try CCI standard and green tag. One one these brand should impress enought to buy in quanity.
  6. jjfuller1

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    get a box of every brand you can find. take a bunch of targets and your firearm. find what shoots the best out of it. what i consider to be good ammo, your firearm may have constant jams with. every gun is different. personally i like fiocchi 38gr HP. my rifle made a nice little clover leaf with them at fifty yards. i also like CCI minimags.

    go buy some ammo and find out
  7. tonydewar

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    shoot them all and keep track of what thay do i mean real targets not beer cans all .22s are different and what shoots best in yours may not be best in your buddys who has the same gun dont ask me why is just a unproven fact
  8. tonydewar

    tonydewar New Member

    wrong word it is proven it just not explained
  9. X-Raycer

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    The first thing to do is get some good Standardized Targets and use them.
    I print my own because of they're expensive to buy and you'll need a lot of them.
    I've shot at least 7000 Rounds of different Brands in the last two years, trying to find the most accurate for me.

    Forget the CCI, unless 2" MOA is OK with you, except the Green Tag, which I found very accurate.
    Those Target scans are on another Disc Drive.
    I haven't shot them since getting a Rear Rest.

    Eley: 1" Squares w/ 1/4" Bull

    Lapua: 1" Squares w/ 1/4" Bull

    Here's my Home Made Range measured @ 50yds and and Target Board. (little White Square in the distance.)
    I have a Nice Rear Rest now, not seen in the Pic.

    12 Targets with 60 Rounds, 5 Rounds / Target.

    For Groundhogs, they're Tough and take two shots, unless I get a Head shot.
    Now, I'm using Winchester HE 37gr 1/3 Segmented Rounds that kill with one shot to the chest.
    I've killed 15 in two years @ 50-75yds.
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