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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by DB8297, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. DB8297

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    I have a friend who is looking to buy a new 40. He was wondering between the Springfield xd or the glock 23. Can anybody offer some advice?
  2. g17frantz

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    As an avid glock nut....I'd tell you glock. Not to say the xd's aren't great guns b/c they are, but the glocks fit my hands better. And as far as reliability, imho glocks are the most reliable. You can bet your life on a glock that no matter the circumstances, it will go boom every time. Easy to break down, easy to clean, parts are available almost anywhere and inexpensive if you want to do any kind of upgrading. You could get away with never cleaning the thing and it will still go boom. (Not that I endorse that b/c I think that's stupid) Price is gonna be about the same on both. And finally to end my rant, the trigger on the glock imho is a whole lot better than the xd. But....ultimately....it comes down to how it feels in his hand. The two will be quite similar.

  3. Gojubrian

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    Have him try them both and decide. Shoot them if possible.
  4. dunerunner

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    This is the winning post. A hand gun is a matter of personal preference, comfort and includes a trust factor. Shoot as many as you can multiple times with various ammo, then decide.
  5. cmc0108

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    I tried a number of different guns before purchasing my G19, but in the end, this is the one that just felt right.
  6. jjfuller1

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    the story of how i bought my xd... had a friend who said he wanted to sell it because he loves revolvers. so i held it a little and liked how if fit my hands. we went to the store and i bought a couple boxes of ammo. and went shooting. from 15yrds or so i loaded a mag, pulled the trigger and my first shot was dead center bullseye. i turned to my friend and said. sold... and im so happy i bought it. i still love mine. wish i got to shoot it more. but lately ive been trying to put more rounds thru my sr9c
  7. utf59

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    Most of the differences between the guns come down to personal preference. They are both supremely reliable and as accurate as most of the people who shoot them. And they cost about the same.

    Now if he wants to rethink his choice of caliber...:D
  8. goatrat

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    Goto a range that has rentals and try them out...itll be obvious to him.

    When I did my big comparison shootout between the Glock, Smith and Wesson, and Springfield I chose the M&P in less than 10 rounds fired through each. While handling I actually prefered the XD. Renting was the best suggestion any guy at a gun shop ever gave me.