Which gun would you guys go with and why. Thank you.

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  1. Mcsorleyprobert

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    HK USP OR P30
    Reliable, accurate.
    Maybe I’ll get one once the prices drop.
  2. AgedWarrior

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    More like post #11
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  3. 7point62

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    Hahaha check out the dog in the video.
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  4. G66enigma

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    P30s can be found for sub-$700 right now, assuming you're patient.

    Just picked up a P30 myself (V1 "Lite" LEM 9mm), with many magazines.

    There have been several advertised on GunBroker, a few on ArmsList, a couple on the HKPro forum, and the odd one here and there. I've even seen a couple of the P30SK's and a P30 in a nearby gun shop, in my area, in the past two months. Most seem to go for over $850 or so, but at the "right" time occasionally you can see a stellar "buy now / OBO" price on one.

    Great sidearms. H&K's done really well with the longstanding USP design, the HK45, and the P2000/P30 guns. Solid, reliable, accurate, tough as nails, easy to operate. A bit chunky to hold and carry, given the competing pistols on the market, but hard to beat for value and function of a decent-capacity sidearm, even at the price one's likely to pay. JMO.
  5. G66enigma

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    If new to sidearms, or even firearms in general, it might be worth doing a bit of reading to complement your learning.

    Here are three books that might be good for starting out. They cover quite a bit of about firearms in general, but also carrying in self-defense and the pros/cons/risks of doing so. Links can be found at The Gun Digest Store, among others:

    The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry, by Mas Ayoob.
    The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery, by Mas Ayoob.
    Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense, by Mas Ayoob.
  6. austin92

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    Warranty alone is enough to make up my mind. When I read kimber only carried a 1 year warranty a few years ago I told my self I’d never buy a kimber product. If kimber comes up in conversation that’s the first thing that comes out of my mouth. My 300$ rock island has a better warranty and I actively repeat that.

    My ex handled over a dozen pistols at the lgs and decided on a walther pps so I bought it for her for her birthday. I shot it and was happy with everything minus the euro mag release which she loved.
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    I thought this would be a good thread, do a little teaching. But no, it turns into a pissing match for no good reason
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  8. 7.62 Man

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    The gun I would go with would depend on where I'm going.
    To everyday carry I pocket carry a Sig P938
    Except when I'm hunting with a bow then I open carry a Glock 27 gen4 for a little more knock down power.
    If it was for home defense I would use a AR pistol in .300 blackout or one of the many AKs or ARs that I have around the house.
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    It isn’t me whose feelings are so butt-hurt because someone’s opinion doesn’t agree with his that he has to resort to insults and name-calling in post #20 and again here. Please keep things civil and respectful before a staff member has to get involved.
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    Post #11 did not challenge anyone, insult anyone, or call anyone names. It simply acknowledged that there are lots of opposing opinions to several of those voiced in post #11. If people are afraid to even open their mouth with an opinion they know someone might disagree with, there would be dead air on this forum with no opinion ever ventured on anything. If someone wants to voice an opposing opinion, fine, post it and leave it at that and keep the insults and name-calling and direct personal challenges (the things that cause pissing contests) out of it.