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Compensators on pistols in calibers such as .45 ACP and .40 have very limited usefullness. The comp works by redirecting a portion of the gasses upward (and sometimes sideways) to reduce recoil and muzzle flip/whip. Neither cartridge has uses enough powder to generate enough gasses to counteract much of anything. The difference in recoil is negligable and not worth the investment in the comp.

You almost never see open class (compensted) .40 or .45 pistols in IPSC competition. .38 super (and assorted others in the same class ie. .38 SC, .38 TJ etc) is still the open class king. The amount of powder in relation to bore diameter is high enough to allow the comp to be effective.

Unless you have money to burn on a "cool looking" accessory, stay away from .45 comps. Spend the money on ammo and range time and come away a much better marksman.

Putting a comp on a .45 is like putting a big aluminum wing on the back of an F-250. It does nothing but make you look cool to the other mojados.
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