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    I really want an AR rifle in 7.62 X 51. I want a full size RIFLE not a carbine. I don't care about all the bells and whistles like free float handguards, fluted barrels and flat tops. I want a solid infantry battle rifle. I have an HK-91 and CETME. I bought the HK so long ago, the only AR-10 made at that point was the original, select fire version and they were impossible to find.

    Now that Armalite, Bushmaster, Knight, DPMS, Rock River and LaRue all making AR type rifles in .308, the search is more daunting.

    Since I want a carry handle, standard rifle, it looks like I am going ArmaLite.
    What I really want is an AR-10B with the hook charging handle like the original, but it appears they are no longer made. Unless someone has one gathering dust on a shock room shelf somehwere, I am out of luck there.

    Does anyone have an ArmaLite AR-10 that can provide a short review? LaRue is local and VERY LE friendly. While they make a superb product, that is not what I am in the market for. My price for an OBR would be low enough to make some of you red with anger.

    I am rambling a bit so let me get back on point. The Bushmaster MOE midlength is OK, but I am not sure I trust them yet in this platform.

    Knight is way expensive and they are busy filling military orders so the wait is long.

    The Rock River LAR-8 A-2 fills the bill. Rock River has a good rep in the 5.56 crowd, but I have not heard about the .308 guns.

    Experiences welcome.
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    I have a Rock River LAR-8 (308) 16" Rifle that is a fantastic rifle and certainly accurate. I could only assume the 20" would be fantastic. In fact I shot an 8pt. Buck at 100-150 yards with it using Hornady 150 grain and it dropped him in his tracks. The 20" Heavy Barrel is phenomenal. Also like the fact of LTD Lifetime Warranty against factory defect. That's my take on the RRA. I also have an FN-LAR and a CETME. All are great! Certainly could not go wrong with RRA. I also have the 2 stage trigger in mine.