Which .22 LR bolt action rifle to buy?

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  1. robbo60

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    I want the best one in the $300.00 range (or so) I can get for accuracy. New in the box with warranty, wood stock, and good iron sights as well. I was looking at some of the CZs and they looked like a good value. Thanks in advance for any worthwhile suggestions. I'm ready to step outside the Marlin and Ruger boxes.
  2. cpttango30

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    You have a few options


    Ruger: 77/22

    Remington: Model 5

    Savage: MARK II-BTV


    Mossberg M44us, 144, 46, and many others.

    Remington 513T

    Remington 541x ($500 to $750)

    Browning T-bolt: You may be able to find one of these in the $300 to $500 range. They are sweet shooting and one of the fastest operating bolt actions out there.

    Hope this helps you out a bit.

  3. CaseyChadwell

    CaseyChadwell New Member

    If you can find a CZ for around 300 you should jump on it. They are great little rifles and are really accurate.
  4. Charlie Sides

    Charlie Sides New Member

    CZ 452 - get the American if you want to scope it.
  5. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    Of the new commerically available .22 bolt action rifles I'd choose the Browning T-bolt 1st, then CZ, Remington 541, or Ruger 77/22 2nd. After that it would be a tough decision between Marlin & Savage. I have no experience with the new Remington model 5 but they look good.
  6. Silvertip 44

    Silvertip 44 New Member

    I got a Remintgon Model 5 about a year ago and it is a very accurate and nicely made rifle. As a matter of fact i have acquired two .22s recently, the other is a Kimber 82.
    The .22s let me shoot a lot without spending a mint of money on ammo.
  7. gunsgunsguns

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    my dad owns a cz 452 great accuracy reasonable price!! gets regular use and nver one problem with it!! does anyone know how to get the rear sight off the cz 452 so that a scope can be mounted???
  8. Strongarm

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    Bolt Action .22

    I just purchaced a Ruger M77/22 in .22LR. The reason I didn't buy the .17, is that I like the .22 LR round. There are plenty of options for ammunition, and the bolt action rifle will shoot just about any of them accurately. Many folks that hunt small game with a rimfire knows that the .17 is a great round and fast bullet, and has a tendency to slide right on through, make a very small hole and usually, if not hit in a vital spot, will run off crippled, and eventually die an slow and agonizing death. I have seen it many times. The V-Max round is super cool, but will blow them up and I eat whay I shoot; of course that's just me. So, for squirrels, I use sub-sonic ammo. Rabbits, I use CCI Mini-Mag Hollow Points.
    Now for the con's. The Ruger is more expensive than the CZ. The CZ has an option for a light pull trigger. The Trigger pull on the Ruger is heavier. The CZ has finish options that are nice. As far as accuracy, I believe if you are in the 1/4" to 1/2" range at 50 yrds, you can accurately take down any small game animal that the .22lr was designed for. I can shoot keyholes all day long with my Ruger and the Nikon Pro Staff 3x9 scope that sits on top of it. At 100yrds, it will and has shot sub -1" groups, and thats probably me and my shooting techniques. So, if you like Rugers like I do, the M77/22 is an great rifle. The CZ is a great rifle. If we could shoot as good as the rifle is accurate, there are alot of calibers that would work for your purposes. I could use my Ruger M77 .308 for rabbits if I was good enough to hit them in the head every shot. It's a matter of choice. Good luck on your purchace......:D
  9. crsides

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    CZ rear sight

    The blade on the rear sight is easily removed, but the whole unit cannot be removed with major surgery. Go to Rimfirecentral.com, look under CZ and search for remove rear sight. I have the Am model w/o rear sights, but as I understand it, you can bend the sight blade and lift it out. They also discuss which scopes will work and mount behind the rear sight.


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  10. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    I'd go CZ, if you've given up on Marlin & Ruger.

    You usually don't have to do a thing except clean & shoot 'em.
  11. tigerbeetle

    tigerbeetle New Member

    I am surprised no one recommended the Savage MK II w/accutrigger. There are several models in the 2-300 $ range and some just over. Very accurate. Excellent adjustable trigger. Some with excellent iron sights, some with not sights - just add scope. Most will do sub-moa right out of the box. TB ;)
  12. Viking

    Viking Well-Known Member

    I have a friend that has a Marlin 22 mag and it's amazingly accurate, after I set up his scope and a gunsmith friend smoothed up the sear I put a couple of bullets through the same hole at 100 yards while doing the final scope adjustments. The price for Marlins is certainly easy on the wallet. I wouldn't be afraid to own one.
  13. northhike

    northhike New Member

    I second the Marlin Mag. I own the 983s bolt action and put a scope on it an it is dead accurate. Cost around $350 at Gander.
  14. dragonfly

    dragonfly New Member

    I believe our poster was asking for a recommendation for a .22 LR. The .22 mag is nice, but it also is about 3X more expensive to shoot, and a lot noisier. I would not use it routinely for either rabbits or squirrel. Bigger varmints, prairie dogs, coyotes, foxes, wood chucks, etc. would be fine and dandy. Even crows sitting in a tree :).

    And for paper punching and friendly range matches, the opportunities would be much greater with a .22 LR. DF
  15. Viking

    Viking Well-Known Member

    There is an old saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Basically what I was saying about the accuracy of the Marlin 22 mag probably extends to the accuracy of a Marlin that uses 22 LR, it was not my intent to change the desire to buy a 22 LR to a 22 Mag.