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    I saw the DNR's finincial report on line. Being a little curious I wanted to see how much Pitman Robertson money MN receives and how it is spent. The PR money is from a federal tax on firearms and is collected from manufacturers. The tax is 11% on long guns and ammo, 10% on handguns, and 11 % on archery tackle. It is apportioned to the states based upon how many hunting licenses are sold. The money is to be spent on wildlife restoration, education, and shooting ranges.
    Because of the large number of firearms and ammo sold I expected to see some large amounts on money.
    The only reference was that the PR money was put into another fund. There was nothing on how it was spent.
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    I wish more people would pay attention to this stuff. The way people have a distrust for government these days but don't bother to watch what the government is doing with OUR money is inconsistent. Plus, the way some state agencies are becoming more politically influenced the potential for abuse of PR $$$ is much higher. Voters have a responsibility to be informed, but we aren't very good at it. And we don't get much help from the media.