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    Nice, just remember bigger is better, depending on how many guns are in your future. I have bought several, never sold any.

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    estimate how many guns you currently have add in everything on your realistic wish list then add 10. remember that safe companies over estimate the ammount that will relistically fit in a safe by double. so if they claim 19 it will prolly only hold 8 or 9. they estimate it based on the smallest guns without slings or optics.

    i like keeping things other than guns in the safe as well.

    another thing to consider is where to put it in your home. some safes require reinforced flooring. even though a floor may hold it up right now over years it can do real structural damage. just depends on the weight. my safe is stored in the basement.

    just some things to consider
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    Bog, Jon is correct.If it says it will hold 24 guns,it will maybe hold 16 if you have optics on some of your guns.

    Check with a local safe retailer,that's a high price for what is really a cheap gun safe.
    A local safe co/locksmith might be able to get you into a much better/larger used safe for a better price.

    The best safe that I ever had was given to me for free,I just had to get it moved.It was an old bank safe,and 2 grown men could stand inside it.
    It took a 5 ton wrecker to lift it and bring it to my house,and I had to push it inside the garage with a tractor.It was still there when I moved,I couldn't put it in my new house.
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    Finding the correct place to put a safe is as important as the safe itself.
    I work as a FF, if your safe is above the fire its now on the fire floor...ya it says fire resistant for 6 hrs, that's usually at a lower temperature without direct flame impingement.

    Corners of a room, cement flooring, not above rooms with fire places, not above TJI floor joists, are good examples of places to place your 700 lbs+ (empty) fire safe.

    Be smart and think thru your location. I've seen several safe's destroyed or found in the basement after the fire.
    As a gun owner and shooter I want to cry...