where to shoot in oregon

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by BeyondTheBox, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Not a range, outdoors, safe, gravel pits or rock quary. I read about one, but the discussion is years old. It was somewhere near estacada, off springwater road or near it. Any suggestions...?
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    if you go out past estacada on 224 you can find that spot. it is about a mile(ish) past the first of the green bridges that you pass. the spot is on the left side of the highway. there is a parking area and a yellow gate. you just park and walk up.

    that place is well known though. if there are too many people for your liking go back to the bridge and cross it and go up the road like 6 or 7 miles and there is a quarry or two up there you can shoot at. one of them is kind of big. you could get some 100 yard shots there.

    those are the most well known ones in this part of the state.

    or you could always just drive off on any logging road to a remote spot where no one is around and there is a backdrop and shoot there. just be carefull of private property and all that.

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    I have an ex-daughter in-law that lives up there.:mad: OK, just kidding.:D Seems like there should be a lot of places up that way. It sure it pretty up there.