Where to find 30-06 blanks?

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    I recently decided to take up the hobby of World War II re-enacting, I've pretty much narrowed my weapon down to the M1 Carbine or Garand, leaning hard towards the Garand, but I can't find any blanks that are priced even remotely reasonable. My gear and uniform is over $600 as it is, plus the price of the gun. I can't really afford $.50 - $1.00 a round for obvious reasons. Does anyone hav any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    30-06 Blanks

    30-06 Blanks Original USGI 50ea Lots


    30-06 blanks for M1 Garand : Rifle Ammo at GunBroker.com

    BAM-009 - Blank .30-06 Blanks For Bolt Actions 20 Round Box Metal Case with Blue Crimped Neck

    It appears the going rate is $.75 - $1.00 per round. The ready supply of surplus blanks it drying up. This is the nature of the beast. The price will be higher for new manufacture blanks as there is not sufficient call for them to warrant mass production.

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    i used to mess around with blanks by loading a case and filling the end with candle wax instead of a bullet. if your rifle will load empties might try that. just make sure your using minimum charges if you are using a blank adapter. with blank adapters pressure rules apply just as using a real bullet.
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