Where to buy parts / accessories for Sig P238 ???

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    (1) I had my very first concealed P238, and eager to replace
    the plastic grips with slimmer ones so that I can have
    a better hold on the gun. I would prefer aluminum
    though wood might be OK.

    Anyone knows a good source? I am looking to spend
    between $50 - $70 on a pair of grips.

    (2) I am still trying to find out if the plastic guide rod
    thing, though the manufacturer is still shipping guns
    with plastic guide rods. See if you guys out there have
    some opinion on the plastic guide rod, and then I will ]
    make a decision later. I just don't feel a plastic piece
    fits a gun.

    Thanks for sharing...
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    Rhynotek.com has the stuff you are looking for. They sell very good quality aluminum grips for Sig P238 at very competitive price. They also have stainless steel guide rod. Here is the link for their aluminum grips:

    Rhyno Two Tone Aluminum Grips for Sig Sauer P238

    hope this is what you are looking for.
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    Poor Quality Control and Customer Service at Rhynotek.

    Rhynotek must be an alright company as I can find no other dissatisfied customers on the ‘net. I however, have had a bad experience that I would like to share.

    I live by a simple motto… “Eff me not, lest ye be effed.” Rhynotek effed me, so here I am going to return the favor.

    I ordered a pair of Rhynotek Premium Checkered Black Ebony Grips for Sig Sauer P238.

    First I was charged $5.95 for the USPS Priority shipping that I requested. It was shipped USPS First Class instead. This only took two additional days to arrive. No big deal, but still… it was not what I paid for.

    Once they arrived, much to my disappointment, they would fit on my gun… the mounting screw holes on the left grip panel were drilled off center and this caused the grip panel to hit the slide release lever on the gun. I thought about returning them but decided that it would not be that big a deal to just file down the small area that interfered with the slide release. So I filed it back 1/16” and then the screw holes lined up and I could screw them on. Then, once I tightened the screws, I found that since the grip was forward of where it should be, it was rubbing the magazine release button so hard that it would not rebound after being depressed. At this point I decided enough was enough and emailed support@rhynotek.com requesting a replacement left grip panel, and included a description of the problem as well as a photograph. This was Sunday evening, the 23rd of January. It was the last day of the Shot Show in Vegas, and a lot of other places had posted notices that they would return to normal business hours on Tuesday. There was nothing like this on Rhynoteks site, but I waited until Tuesday afternoon anyway,and still had not received a response, so I emailed again, this time to sales@rhynotek.com. I still had no response by Wednesday afternoon so I looked around their site and found the “Request an RMA” link. They promise a reply within 2 days… So here it is, end of business on Friday afternoon, and I have yet to receive a single response from Rhynotek. Emailed Sunday, again Tuesday, RMA request Wednesday… Nothing, nada, zip, squat. Eff me.

    So, I have given up on Rhynotek. Eff them. I just ordered a new set of grips from VZgrips.com. And I am going to post this rant all over the net.

    Endeavor to persevere. Matt

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    The Saturday after my previous post, I finally received a reply by email apologizing for the bad grip and promising a replacement. The Friday after that, I received a replacement set free of charge or postage.

    While my previous sentiment about poor quality control and customer service still stand, I want to state that they did "make it right".

    Endeavor to persevere. Matt
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    UPDATE: Received this Saturday the 5th of February..

    Dear mwc273,

    We sincerely apologize for ignoring customer request and this poor customer
    service that you received in the past weeks.

    We are embarrassed by what you posted on USACarry forum site.
    The picture truly shows the poor quality of this particular product you received.
    We will be spending time in the coming days on quality control. We will learn
    from this incidence.

    This email is not about doing damage control. This is about reconnecting
    our customers like you who have had confidence in our products and customer
    service that they deserve.

    We want to follow up with you on the replacement set that we sent out this week.
    Should you decide the replacement set is acceptable to you, please return
    the original set back to us. We will credit the 50% back to you.
    If you feel the replacement is not what you like, or you have already purchased
    the product from other source, please return both sets to us using the return shipping
    label. We will process the refund immediately.

    Again, please accept our apology.


    Gene @ Sales Support
    Rhyno Technologies Inc

    I replied:
    Dear Gene.

    I have already purchased the product from another source, and would be happy to return both sets for a full refund if only I had a return shipping label. As I have yet to receive any response to my RMA request, I do not have a return shipping label.

    Monday the 7th I received a full refund back to my credit card.

    Note from merchant
    Matt, We are sending a return shipping label to you for you to send both sets back to us. Sorry about this incidence. We sure will learn from it. Gene @ Sales Support Rhyno Technologies Inc

    Last post - Fully resolved.
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    Thanks for posting the entire experience. Many people would have let it go with the complaint/warning post, but you told the whole story with your follow-up posts. It's a rare person indeed that would have gone to the trouble to do that. I salute you.
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    Stay away from Rhynotek.com. They will only give you a headache. Horrible customer service and communication. They must have gone downhill since that post from 2011. I've been waiting on a refund for a month. Never even got the grips. Since the original post, there are now numerous places to buy quality P238 grips so I'd look elsewhere.