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Where The Rabbit Hole Ended

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Hi Guys,

From my other thread I said I could quit any time. I couldn't :pPAX

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just curious....."why" so much of the same thing ?
LP you must not collect the SKS platform. There are only a few duplicates in there. There are rifles from Russia, Albania, Romania, Yugoslavia (M59C-scarce), and China. Of the Chinese there's some commercial "Bubbas", my personal favorites, the Paratroopers. With the Chinese there's 2 basic bayonet changes, early blade Soviet produced & Chines produced, then spike bayos. Arsenal /26\ was the initial manufacturer for military T56 guns, then other arsenals became involved with production, there's specimens from the various other arsenals. The rarest rifle in there, but seemingly a standard SKS, is an Israeli Capture (IC) form a PLO cache in Syria or Lebanon. Arab 12 Mill Standard ( The unique features of that rifle is the serial range (12M), laminate stock, blued bolt carrier, double cut bayo slot (blade & spike) & CAI import stamp.
The Paratrooper rifles have a degree on variations as well. I try to maintain 2 of the main counties of origin, except the Holy Grail rifles (Easy German, North Korean, North Vietnam), they are just too expensive if the seller KNOWS what he has, and extremely rare. Additionally, they were fairly cheap. Over the last several years I've sold 13 SKS (the first 3 guys bought 10) rifles and doubled or tripled my money, and they're great trade fodder. I traded 3 rifles (Yugo M59/66-$350, commercial non-military-$250 & home-grown Paratrooper-$300) for a Luxemburg FN49 that the fella was asking $2400 bucks for. PAX
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I would like some Lugers too, but as you know they're not for the faint of pocket book. I did what I could with the ducats I had. I used to have a dozen Mosin Nagants but I only kept the Finns, a M44 & a M38. Now everything is just too $pendy. PAX
Now these things are selling $350+? Geesh. Maybe with the ban on importation of all firearms and ammo from Russia, maybe it'll go up in value...maybe then I'll trade it or sell it...hmmm.
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If you have the original numbers matching furniture and the numbers match, they're starting at $850+ for refurb. $1200-$1500+ for as issued. I've used & have the Choate, I wouldn't scope a Russian because of their scarcity/value. if you go with the receiver cover mount, there is a way to make it solid, but it involves threading the stock cover pin holes. Which is hidden if you go back to original. Get as low a mount you can find, no see through. PAX
Yes the Russians are at the top tier of pricing. You can still find "deals", but a deal is gonna be $800 bucks. You've held on to it this long wait a little longer. PAX
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