Where is the Bullet?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by GrannySmithy, May 25, 2007.

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    In a Glock 17 shooting standard pressure ammo, does the locked breech open before or after the bullet has exited the muzzle?

    Where is the bullet when the locked breech opens, when the slide is half way back, when the slide is all the way back?
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    After, because once the bullet has left the barrel, the pressure drops enough for the barrel to unlock.
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    The Slide Moves... a bit!

    Many of the animations are wrong! They are close... but wrong.
    They usually show the slide unmoved until the bullet exits the barrell.
    This is close to true but very misleading.

    Since Newton's laws of motion are still in effect :) ...
    The mass times the speed of the bullet is equal to the
    mass times the speed of the slide (the spring not with standing)

    So... the speed of the slide is equal to...
    (Bullet Speed X Bullet Mass) / Slide Mass ... at all times!
    ... again, not accounting for the affect of the spring.

    The point here is that if the bullet exited the barrell
    before the slide started backward... it would never start!
    All the pressure would exit the barrell right behind the bullet.

    Unload your pistol and push a wooden dowell down the barrell.
    You will be applying pressure exactly were the case applies pressure.
    The slide will move... and it does the same when the explosion
    applies pressure in all directions.

    The bullet moves one way... very fast.
    The slide moves the other... very slow.