Where do your Senators and Congressman stand? Do you know, now?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by downsouth, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Rest assured that living in north MS my representitives all ran on a strong 2A platform. So in light of recent events I call my 2 senators and congressman's DC office to get a statement on what their position is on this new front of gun control that is mounting. I was told by all three offices that my reps have not formed an opinion as of yet. Oh really I say.

    I was invited to leave a message for my reps at each office. My message was the same for all three.

    "I voted for mr...... In the primary and general election because he ran on conservative messages. When he took office he made an oath to uphold the Constitution. The 2A is at risk as we speak and it upsets me a great deal that I can't get a commitment from your staff that you will protect my rights. Good day.

    I would think it a worthwhile effort for us all to call their reps and ask where they will stand in this fight that is on our front porch.

    These are polititians who want to stay in power, let them hear your voices.

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  2. locutus

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    All 3 of mine are 100 percent pro 2A.:):)

  3. downsouth

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    I thought so too locutus. I don't think it would hurt to reaffirm during this national debate that is happening.
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    I know Kay Hagen is going to support anything anti gun. When you write her about pending legislation she sends a form letter talking about her families love of hunting and protecting the second amendment. She gets an F from the NRA.

    The rest of our congressmen will vote against any legislation but they won't commit to anything on the phone. After all at this moment there is nothing to vote on, just bills to be introduced. Hopefully anything Fienstien writes will get shot down in committee.

    What frightens me the most is we will go off the fiscal cliff. Then the anti gun people will stick a gun law on a budget everyone will agree too.
  5. partdeux

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    both senators are anti anti anti 2A
    Congressman was the author of the 1968 gun control

    R - RINO Gov just veto'd an improved conceal carry law

    I'm ready to move
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    You must be in Michigan.
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    If you want to know where your Congressional members stand, go to
    On The Issues.

    Here in WV we are in a world of hurt. Here is where our members stand...

    Governor Tomblin... Life member of NRA. According to OTI he has no stance. It's hard to tell where he will stand and how he will vote.

    Senator John D. Rockefeller IV... Longest serving member of our state, NRA gave him a grade of F. Here is a republican who switched to to the democratic party just so he could get elected. He continues to get elected year after year given his enormous wealth and family.

    Senator Joe Manchin... Life member of NRA who gave him a grade of A. Since the CT shooting, he has gone on national TV to say there needs to be open dialogue regarding firearm limitations. It's hard to say how he will vote.

    Congressman Nick Joe Rahall... Strong supporter of second amendment, NRA gave him a grade of A, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record.

    Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito... A strong supporter of second amendment, NRA gave her a grade of A, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record.

    Just remember, this has only just begun. Everybody is walking on egg shells and being very careful of the words they speak. Whatever happens will take months before anything is decided. We as citizens need to be mindful how our members vote, and when election time comes around, we need to make sure we vote for the right person who will be our voice in Washington.

    Let the games begin!!