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    Shooting on "public" land anywhere near me is risky since even the DEC can't definitively say one way or the other whether it's legal. (I placed about a dozen calls and spoke to a bunch of people. I got told everything from "sure, go ahead" to "no, there's no shooting except hunting during season with a permit" to "go ahead, but don't be surprised if a cop shows up".)

    So I shoot on a friend's private land and at a club. But it sure would be nice to be able to drive to a remote area and break out the .22 or AR.

    Is shooting OK on public land in NYS where you are?
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    I never had to ask about public land. I have acess to 3 farms, two private camps, and 2 local rod and guin clubs. I like the farms best, my payment for use is to help out with haying, planting, fixes, harvest, and the livestock. In exchange I get hunting land, a place to camp, a shooting range in good weather, horses to ride, and the ocasional Sunday supper. Life is good.:cool:

    I think the responses are different on the DEC lands because each place is run differently. The ones near me don't even allow hunting or shooting on them. If you go to the other end of Chautauqua Co. some of the state lands have different rules. It tend to vary from place to place.
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    i also think it varies by land plot. not positive though... i have three places i shoot. a rod n gun club les than a mile from my house.. my church.. 10 minutes away. my sisters. where i do most of my hunting is 1 hour away
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    I own 59 acres in Ulster/Sullivan Counties and do a lot of my shooting there. I'm moving to PA ASAP and it's for sale, if anyone's interested PM me for details.
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    My son shoots on private property, at 3 local farms.