Where do you shoot the most ???...

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    I shoot off my back porch but I know my neighbors don't like-it,so I go about twenty miles to the river-lot we own and shoot there if I'm doing alot of shooting...I go to the Range every blue moon,just can't see paying $1500 dollars a hour when we own land...I like talking with people about guns every so often....
  2. texaswoodworker

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    Your range cost $1500 an hour!:eek::D

  3. Axxe55

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    last year i built a 100 yard gun range behind the house. we don't have any public or private ranges in the town i live in, and the closest range is over 50 miles away.
  4. CGO

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    At our range out back of the house/gun shop. :)
  5. PanBaccha

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    Brand new indoor range. $13 all day long. :)
  6. towboater

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    On the family farm.
    Free all day.
  7. vincent

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    On family property. We try to shoot during the week to avoid pizzing off the neighbor
  8. texaswoodworker

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    I usually go out to my grandparents house in the country to shoot. I am also planning on joining the local range club. I think it is $100 the first year and $50 each year after that to shoot.
  9. Sniper03

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    God smiled on me! And I am thankful! Moved from the metro area finally upon retirement! I have a 100 yard range in back of the house in the deep woods and hills of Tennessee. And built my ambi shooting bench that is in the picture for the FTF. That Bench is also where I do a lot of research and testing for my training business. :)

  10. Firearms4ever

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    I do all of my rifle/shotgun shooting on my family's property, but for pistols I go to my local range. It can be inconvenient to drive around an hour to an hour and a half to the family property to do shooting, so I find it easier to just do pistol shooting at the local range.
  11. boatme98

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  12. Trez

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    Im cheap and live out in the country so pretty much anywhere I want.. ;)

    There is a awesome range about 5-6 miles from me, $8 bucks a day, $60 a year. It has a number of ranges on the premises.. Theres a couple of 100yd ranges, 1000yd range, pistol and rifle silhouettes (The rifle one is 200yd min, 1000yd max) All but one 100yd and the rifle silhouette are "private" and only available to the yearly members

    I go to the range occasionally, when I have a few extra bucks and I can get my friend who is a yearly member to go. I still have to pay my way, but get access to the private ranges.... If I ever have a extra $60 burning a hole in my pocket, I would love a yearly membership...

    I feel sad when some of you say that you pay high dollar for a range that only goes 300 yds.. :p

    Heres the link: http://www.tucsonrifleclub.org/

    I would love to start going to the Mil-surp matches that they hold !!
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  13. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    trez, that gun range sounds great and i would pay $60 a year to shoot at a range like that.
  14. dragunovsks

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    I shoot in my backyard, i only got an acre but the field behind the house is huge and slopes up slightly. Its about 2000 yards to the woodline and there isnt a house for a mile beyond the edge of the woods.

    My neighboor came over one day while i was sighting in my AR and had the gall to tell me that i should go to a range to shoot. I think i pissed him off when i told him to move back to the city and get off my land. He was from the city i guess and didnt understand that its perfectly legal to shoot outside city limits. He said he was going to call the cops and i said ill be here when they show. They never did tho
  15. MrWray

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    I live in a rural area and own 40 acres, i have a dump that i always shoot at
  16. Chainfire

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    I did the same thing, only in Florida. I walk about two hundred yards from my house to my 150 yard range. I am waiting for my son to help build covered shooting shed. I have been able to finance my shooting and collecting by teaching CCW classes......life is good
  17. Vikingdad

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    I shoot at home all the time with rimfire or handguns. I have 20 acres and set up backstops for 20 and 50 yards from one bench and then another bench 50 yards back from that one for 100 yards. There is a club-owned range just 5 miles from the house where one of my best buddies is a lifetime club member so he invites me on almost a weekly basis (days they are closed to the public so we have the place to ourselves more often than not). He can have up to 5 guests for free and I get members rates on ammo and shooting supplies if I need them. I am also on his short list of people he invites to club events, and my boys can usually come along as well.

    I would honestly like to build something to minimize the noise from my shooting at home. I really don't want to piss off the neighbors. Does anybody have any ideas as to how to contain the noise at home range? I have considered building a sort of tunnel to shoot through with sound absorption material on the walls/ceiling for this but so far I haven't.
  18. Boyerracing343

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    Depends what time of the year it is. Summer the land right down the road. Winter the range about a half hour away.
  19. kfox75

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    I shoot at my friend's farm where my wife and I help with the horses an livestock, or at another friend's place where we camp. Both places are over 500 acres with no close neighbors. The range at the farm goes out to 500 yards, and the range at the camp is 100 yards. Both are a mix of woods and open land in hilly areas , and are within 30 minutes of where we live. We also hunt on these proprties.
    For archery practice a close friend of mine has an 80 yard 3D range at her shop that we regularly use at a cost of $10 a day. She is planning an indoor range (undecided on the distance) for rifles and pistols on the shop property which will give us a place to shoot in the winter. Right now, once the snow gets over a foot deep, we are s.o.l. and have to wait for spring.
    We have been to one of the local fish and game clubs a few times and were not impressed. Most of the senior members had bad safety habits to put it nicely. Stay safe and enjoy your ranges!