Where can i shoot near champaign??

Discussion in 'Illinois Gun Forum' started by krisko09, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. krisko09

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    I'm so sick of having to drive an hour or more to go to a range. I know that d&r is opening a range later this year, so I'm just trying to find somewhere until then.
  2. CGS

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    An hour, I wish all I had to do was drive an hour to get to a good rifle range. My drive is minimum 90 minute drive, and that's with speeding!

    www.wheretoshoot.org is a good place to start. That is a NSSF website, here is what I found (assuming the zip code I used was accurate)...

    St. Joseph Sportsman Club, St. Jospeh IL 61873 [10.7]
    Foosland Sportsman Club, Foosland IL 61845 [19.6]
    Lake Fork Sportsman's Club, Atwood IL 61913 [22.7]