Where can I get AR .308 mags...ASAP?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Jesse17, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Jesse17

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    Hello, I know this is only my second post on this forum, but I hope ya'll will help me out.

    I just got a R-25 and the only mags I can find are 150 miles from here in a shop that doesn't open 'till Monday (when I have to be at work). Does anyone know of an online source that still has 19 rd (or bigger) mags in stock?

    I would like to stock up on a bunch, but the only on line mags I can find are$75 for a 19rd. The guy 150 miles from me says he has 30-40 19 rd. mags for $39

    The gun is a Remington, but is supposedly made by DPMS and will supposedly accept any AR .308 mag.

    I know I've had problems with aftermarket mags on my other guns, so I would prefer Remington or DPMS mags. But I've never owned an AR before. I know the great benefit of the AR styles is suppose to be the modular/interchangeable aspect of it. Has anyone else had problems with different mags, or should I take whatever mags I can get regardless of manufacture?

  2. M14sRock

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    Try 44mag.com. If they are out of stock, you can place a backorder.

  3. Jesse17

    Jesse17 New Member

    Correction, it's an AR-10 platform, not an AR-15. Also, I tried the link you gave me, and if I remember right they only have 25 rd. mags for $70. I'm not opposed to 25rd. mags, but not for that price tag.

    A sporting goods store 150 miles from here promised me 19 rd. mgs for $40 today (promised on Monday) but no surprise, they 'didn't show up' on today's order.

    Another gun shop that specializes in ARs sold out on Sat.

    Damn, I don't know whether to cough up $70 today in hopes to get a mag in a couple months, or to wait a couple months in hopes that the market settles. From what I understand, DPMS is back ordered for more than 3 months production, and are not accepting anymore back orders.

    Advise anyone?
  4. matt g

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    4 mags is 76 rounds. If you don't have a wife or kid that can load as you shoot, you need to get married or make friends.

    Seriously though, reloading is the time on the range than you get to enjoy a frosty beverage.
  5. Jesse17

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    While I like your thinking, I've gotta' disagree. I've always been and avid shooter, and an avid drinker. I've believed myself to be in total control of both, and know what I can, and what I can't do with both. BUT! I've had 2 incidents that involved both hobbies, and I can tell you that I was LUCK AS HECK both times. I've sworn off mixing the two hobbies!

    As far as the magazines go, I think an even 100 rds. (or 95 since DPMS mags are only 19 rds.) is a nice number to be able to carry. If I ever need more than that, in less time than I can reload, then the opposing force will have grenade launchers, flash grenades, etc. and it won't matter how many rounds I have.
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