Where are you guys finding these M14/M1A's?

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  1. DarinCraft

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    I noticed some of you here own numerous M1A's and a lot of you own at least one. I don't think all of you are paying the $1500 plus that Springfield is selling them for and Norinco doesn't import them into the USA. Is there a secret handshake that I don't know about?

    I'm not saying I am going to go out and buy one right now(unless I maybe got a PM from someone who might have one too many), but before I got into AR's I was looking hard for one and I gave up.

    Now I come here and they're everywhere.
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  2. Highpower

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    If I had to guess, I would say that most of them were purchased some time ago when the prices weren't as high as today's MSRP. :eek:

    I bought my Super-Match back in the mid-90's but even then it was well over the $1500 mark. After Bill Klinton came along, everybody snatched up everything they could, while they could. I guess that showed Springfield they were letting them go too cheap eh? Fast forward to today's economy... :mad:

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  3. mrm14

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    I acquired 2 of them in the late 1970's, they are older late 50's early 60's suplus varients, and the one I shoot now I acquired in the mid 1990's. And NO! I didnt pay any where near the prices they are asking for them now. The only one I have up and running now is the SAI I bought in the 90's. The other two earlier SA varients will be rebuilt when I can part with the funds to do so.

    The M1A is probably the most fun rifle I've shot over the years.
  4. JonM

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    used to have a norinco i bought for cheap in the late 80's early 90's cannnot remember exactly. sold it less than a year later. too heavy a rifle for my tastes to lug through the woods for the round it shoots. the M1A/M14 is another one fo those guns i never understood the fascination for. its too big and clumsy for what it is.

    a lot fot he guns of that type are what people bought eons ago before the gun bans and just kept em or inherited em from friends or family. i cant imagine paying the current prices for one when there are better cheaper designs out there for the .308
  5. Wambli

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    I think my M1A SA Loaded set me back about $1,600 a few years back...
    Money well spent.
  6. Silvertip 44

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    I see them often in gun shops now and they aren't cheap. I have two NM rifles that were $1800 plus and a standard that went for $1500 (including 10mags, ammo and scope and TSA mount). All are completely accurized to the tee.